Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013: The Year That Was (In Blog Posts)

I thought it would be fun to come back from my blogging break with a little look at the year that was, revisiting posts that encapsulate my year.

My One Word for the year was LOVE. More about my struggle to choose a word this year-- and tips for those of you who would like to choose a word-- coming this week.

I tried my hand at poetry. The Noise Symphony won't win any awards, but it's still true.

I hit upon a faster and easier way to make baked potato soup.  I also shared recipes for marinated pork tenderloin, Moravian chicken pie and Delicious Chicken in the crockpot (recipe at the end of the post).

I was inspired by the book BREAD AND WINE, which is, right now, only $2.99 as an ebook download. I was also inspired by A MILLION LITTLE WAYS. It is not $2.99 right now, but it's still worth reading.

I celebrated "So Much More Than Happy Birthday" when my third child turned 17. This post seemed to hit home with a lot of you.

I mused over what the neighbors would say... does your real life match your online persona?

I discovered that my kids are all the ages... and so am I.

I started a God Box.

I suggested things to do with a rotisserie chicken. You might snicker at this but it's gotten a good many repins on Pinterest, so someone out there needed it.

I shared how journaling helps get me out of the blues.

These weren't necessarily my top posts of the year, but they were the ones that stood out to me personally-- the ones that best reflected my state of mind, and heart, in 2013.

2013, my husband and I decided the other day, wasn't a bad year. There were some good things that happened for sure. But it isn't a year we're sad to see go either. We're anticipating an amazing 2014.

I hope you are too.
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