Monday, January 06, 2014

Christmas Recap

Christmas is over. A new year has settled in. For most of us, I imagine today is the real beginning of the new year-- a time to put our resolutions into action and get serious now that the kids are tucked away in school.

It is for me. Today is "get serious about eating healthy" day and "get your butt to the gym day" and "really think about your word for the year" day. (More about my word for the year on Friday.)

One of the few pictures I took this season.
Here's all six of them, a rare moment of having them all together.
This is at our church on Christmas Eve.

But first I'll share about our break, and how we spent it. My oldest was home for 8 days. My college girl was home, too. Her boyfriend was around a lot as well. It was a lot of togetherness. The house was filled with people and, for the most part, I have to say we did really well. There was one moment I had to go to my husband and cry "uncle." Mostly because of all the cooking. It's no small thing to feed 9 people every night, night after night. I burned my hand one night and cut my hand another night. I literally had battle scars!

I also fell while running and was sore like I'd been in a car wreck for several days afterwards. I'd heard tales of runners falling and am usually hyper aware of any divots or cracks or limbs or other impairments jeopardizing my sure-footedness. But on that day I just plumb forgot to look where I was going. I'm feeling better now, but I haven't run on the street again, and every time I pass the spot where I fell I shudder. It was ugly. And embarrassing. And downright painful. My palm was cut up pretty bad as it took most of the impact. (Had to use the other hand to save the ipod!)

Are you noticing a theme with my hands being battered?? I am.

Here's me and my husband on Christmas Eve as well. We weren't in the kids shot so we took our own.
And for those of you who keep track of such things, yes, I did have five inches cut off my hair. It was time.

Now my son is back in TX finishing his training, but will return home very soon. And my daughter will be back in college before this week is over. She is excited to start a new semester with a new part time job and possibly a new roommate so I'm excited for her. My other 4 are all back in school and swim and jobs and the routine of life. My husband is back to work. And I'm trying to get back into a routine as well-- one that makes time DAILY for writing and exercise. One that is more productive and grateful and intentional and All The Things we say at the beginning of a new year.

What about you? What are you hoping will happen every day in your new year? What are you trying to be more intentional about? I'll be sharing a way that I'm going to work to live more intentionally through a posting series I'm beginning next Monday, the 13th. I hope you will tune in. And come back Wednesday and Friday for some other "new year's" posts!

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Thumperkin's musings said...

Glad you are back. Our family word of the year is "Excellence." Not being perfect, but giving our best effort at whatever we are choosing to do, whether it is housework, school work, nursing, insurance, playing, etc. I am hoping to eat better and exercise more. I want to draw closer to God through study at home and hopefully getting involved in our new church. We moved last year after a period of unemployment and getting established is challenging. We have some financial struggles now because of the aforementioned unemployment and move. Blessings to you and yours.

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness! I came over to read your blog and the most ironic thing ever is that I also fell while running. Go take a look at my blog and you can see the horrible pictures. So embarrassing! I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I am glad you are ok!