Sunday, December 08, 2013

Going On Hiatus

Christmas is fast approaching, which means that my life is picking up speed. There are crafts to make and shopping to do, decorating to finish and much baking and cooking to do, work to finish up and lots of family memories to be made in the next few weeks. College daughter comes home this week and she's got some potential summer internship interviews set up, plus the requisite doctor appointments to work into her time at home. (Not to mention a job to do so she can restock her bank account in time for next semester!) Our son with the navy is coming home on Christmas Eve and will be with us for a fast week before returning to finish up his training. The younger kids have two full weeks of school left, plus a musical concert and a swim meet for their year-round swim team-- all before Christmas vacation, which I'm very much looking forward to.

All of this means that I'm going to take a much-needed vacation from blogging. We go on hiatus over at She Reads every year at this time, and I think it's an excellent time to do so. I hope that you all enjoy your Christmas, find lots of joy and make lasting happy memories. Mostly I hope that you remember why we celebrate. I know for some of you that might sound trite and overused and cheesy. But it's real. He's real. And He really did come here for you, because He loves you enough not to leave you alone. This Christmas season I urge you to find out why He came, and how you fit into that plan. Because you do. Fit. The good news of Christmas is that we all do and there is love enough to go around.

I'll see you back here in a few weeks!
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