Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A Little Holiday Inspiration

This has helped me get into Christmas mode.

Deck The Halls Holiday Housewalk


The All Things Home Christmas House Tour

Warning. Have some time on your hands if you pull up these links. These houses range from over-the-top gorgeous to maximizing-minimal-space lovely. From sheer perfection to heartwarming. From all the bells and whistles to simple and homemade. Whatever your taste is, you're sure to find some inspiration.

And a real easy way to avoid anything you've not been wanting to do.

But the good part? The up side? I'm now finally ready to decorate. Over this past weekend as our neighbors began displaying their trees in their windows (braggers) and their strings of lights across porches (overachievers) I just couldn't get there. I was still wiped out after ALL THE COOKING. And a little sad to take down my fall decorations. Because I loved them. Though I never did put up the photos on this blog.

My apologies.

Anyway, the fall stuff is now down, packed away in the orange boxes. This weekend the Christmas stuff will come down out of the attic. And, thanks to these home tours, the decorating will happen. It will.

Just in case you're struggling with not feeling ready for Christmas, might I recommend these home tours? It just might get you over the hump and inspire you to create some loveliness of your own, in your own home.

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