Saturday, November 30, 2013


Looking for something to do this weekend? Kids bored and underfoot? Take them to see FROZEN, the newest Disney offering and a movie fit for the whole family. Even my middle-schoolers and-- more importantly-- my husband liked it! It's rare for us that everyone can see a movie together and actually enjoy it.

What I liked most about FROZEN was the message woven throughout the movie: If you close yourself off to people and give into fear, you're gifts won't be used the way they are intended. But if you open up to others and take a risk in loving and being loved, your gifts can become something beautiful. Fear and isolation lead nowhere good. Risk and loving are scary-- but also rewarding. This story perfectly depicts this.

I also liked what Papa Troll said-- if something is in your head, it can still be removed, but if it lodges in your heart, only an act of true love can take it away. The difference in head knowledge and heart belief is significant, and something to keep in mind when raising our kids.

So get out of the house on this long weekend together and take in a movie. Then go have pizza after and talk about your favorite parts. Your kids won't forget the special family time-- and neither will you!
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