Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Noise Symphony

A poem, with my apologies:

The Noise Symphony

Outside there is a dog barking, a chainsaw grating
In the kitchen there are dishes banging
In the den a gun is shooting (on the tv)
Upstairs there is music thumping
Beside me there is my music playing (softly, gently)
In the bathroom there is water running
Somewhere in the house a phone is ringing
Above me, there are feet romping

I nearly complain about all this noise before I realize
This is the symphony of my life
So I sit and listen and think of when
This symphony will one day cease
And I then I will curse the silence
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BethA said...

How true! Thanks for the reminder!

Stephanie said...

In the midst of the chaos that is so often my house, I try to remind myself of the same thing!

Pam said...

I know this is so true! Thanks for the reminder to stop and listen and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my second attempt at leaving a comment. I used the wrong open id, so appologies if you've had to read the same thing twice. As I said,I'm not really qualified to critique poetry, but I do like this. It really brings a big family to life in a few sentences, and I come from a big family. I also know how hard it is to write poetry, because the words have to do so much work, so congratulations. If you're interested, Stephen Fry wrote a great book called The Ode Less Travelled where he breaks down the mechanics of poetry. It's also a good read. The best of luck with your writing, and keep writingpoetry.