Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Oh, Hello There!

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me today. Please take a moment to look around. You can use the tabs at the top of my site, or I have provided the links here:

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Susan said...

Hi Marybeth! I've been subscribed to your blog for the past few years now, and I thoroughly enjoy reading all that you have to say. I really like the variety of topics including family/books/music/recipes/movies and lots of food for thought. :) I hope you and your family are having a great summer!

Amy said...

I love reading your blog but this sounds like you're no longer going to post. Is that correct? I hope not! Please let me know if I need to find you somewhere else!

Velma said...

I have followed your blog for several years. I miss reading your posts.

Velma said...

I have followed your blog for several years. I miss reading your posts.

Obat Herbal said...


Kristy R. said...

Hi Marybeth, I just finished "The Things We Wish Were True" and wanted to check out your website. I selected your book as my Kindle First August pick and I'm so glad I did. The title and Amazon description hooked me. I enjoyed the multiple viewpoints, which were easy to follow and the unraveling of each's secrets.

Marybeth Whalen said...

Thank you for contacting me Kristy! I love hearing from readers like you! Please keep in touch via social media!