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More To Your Story: 

Understanding How God Is Telling An Excellent Story In and Through Your Life

Your life is a story being unfolded in big and little moments. With each day that passes, more chapters are written. But who is writing your story? You or the Author of your faith (Hebrews 12:2)? There is something bigger going on in your story than mere moments strung together as time passes.

As a novelist, Marybeth understands what it takes to create a riveting story and sees that the elements of story are playing out in our lives all the time. As a speaker, she shares what those elements are and helps us see our lives-- our stories-- in a whole new, perspective-changing way. Through her messages, Marybeth will help you:

* See your story from the Author's perspective

* Trust even when unexpected things happen

* Rest in His ability to write your story

* Live confidently with renewed faith

This can be a one-session keynote or broken into a two or three-part retreat.

Here's what people are saying about More To Your Story:

"I am presently going through a divorce and the week prior to seeing Marybeth was horrific-- so much so that I wasn't sure I was going to go to my church's women's event. Thank God I did, as the message I heard changed everything. Since hearing Marybeth I have been in such a good place. I am at peace, not angry... I have total belief that there are amazing things ahead, not darkness. I so look forward to seeing where the Lord is going to take me, and feel safe because I turned all that craziness, pain and need to control over to him. Thank you Marybeth Whalen for showing me my story's not over-- it's just beginning!"  Maria Rush, attendee

"Marybeth Whalen was the speaker for our ladies spring event. Her delivery and confidence captured our attention from the very beginning. We could sense her passion for words and how God had called her to use her gift of storytelling. Upon leaving the event we were all challenged to think about our own stories and how God had shaped each one of us by the circumstances in our lives. She was so encouraging and offered hope that He uses all things for His good. Marybeth touched many hearts that day young and old alike."  Becky Owens, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, The Church of the Cross, Bluffton, SC

Want to know more? Contact me at to inquire about availability for your date. I look forward to hearing from you!

Love. Story.
(A Marriage Message)

My husband Curt and I are also, on a limited availability, offering Love. Story., available as a marriage keynote or seminar. Contact me to learn more about our story, and why it matters to the marriages in your church!

"Our community is forever changed because of Marybeth and Curt Whalen. Their unforgettable story of against-all-odds perseverance will inspire married couples at any age to press on with renewed courage and commitment. Relatable, transparent, and refreshingly honest, the Whalens' ability to connect and communicate with each person in the room is extraordinary. For marriages needing a lifeline of hope, this is it..." Elizabeth Poplin, Carmel Baptist Church

Marybeth and her brood

Motherhood Topics

As a mom of 6 I often get asked for advice on motherhood. While I don't claim to be an expert, 23 years of experience has taught me well. The topics below are available for mothers' groups and conference breakouts or keynotes. Contact me to discuss if one of them sounds like a fit for your needs!

Plan To Be Blessed: Finding purpose and peace through planning your days

You Are Mom Enough

Understanding Your Story (So Your Kids Can Understand Theirs)

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