Wednesday, February 04, 2015

What's Working For Me This Week

It's time to share what's been working for me this week. I spent far too much time yesterday going through Modern Mrs. Darcy's linkup, reading about what has been saving other women's lives during these long, dark days of winter. Reading about what saved their lives saved mine, at least in a small way. So along those lines, here's what's worked for me this week. It might not be saving my life, but it made life nicer, which is no small thing...

Love the light on the water, and the lone seagull keeping vigil

A beach trip with a friend. We got away to her mother's condo to write, talk about writing, take nice long walks on the beach, and just retreat. It was just what the doctor ordered.

You might not can tell but those are frosted pinecones in the hurricane. The runner is kinda burlap /kinda golden with pretty beaded snowflakes on each end. Very understated and the table looks so nice with all the candles lit. 

New tablescapes for everyday. After our fall and Christmas centerpieces, I decided to go with something that can be for everyday use and I am enjoying them so much. They are a nice change of pace and I find the less colorful schemes soothing after so much color at Christmas and fall.

I love this black and white runner I picked up at a local favorite store.
And my black iron centerpiece filled with white candles makes it perfect. 

A handpainted wine glass from a friend, featuring all the words I've chosen as my one word for the past five years. You can't tell in this picture but the blocks look exactly like scrabble tiles. I will treasure it for sure!

Grapes: an easy snack to grab on the go, and for some reason they're super sweet right now. Since I'm trying not to eat sweets, I get my fix through fruit. I'm no expert but I'm guessing either grapes are in season or my grocery store just got a really good batch.

This picture makes me smile. I love the purple grapes and the pattern from the colander.  Chances are you will be seeing this photo again. 

A coat for the dog: After having her groomed I realized that she was going to be a bit more prone to the bitter cold we've been having off and on, so I bought her this spiffy little coat in fun colors. I love seeing her in it and she seems to like having it on. I group texted my older kids this photo after I got it and said, "We are now a family that dresses our dog." Their responses were hilarious.

What's saving your life/working for you lately? Share here, or at Modern Mrs Darcy's linkup! I'll be sharing this post.

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Brenda said...

How nice that you were able to take a beach trip with a friend. I like the new tablescapes. I also like changing my decorations. That is a pretty picture of the grapes. It is very nice getting fruit that tastes really good. We recently found some oranges in a store that were delicious.