Friday, February 06, 2015

On Social Media As A Time Suck: The One Question To Ask Yourself

Ever found yourself falling down the rabbit hole of social media? You know, the one where you start out on one thing, then find yourself 30 minutes later viewing photos of your college roommate's sister's child's wedding and think... what am I doing???

Here's a question I've started asking myself whenever I look up and realize that I am in danger of this being the case. Before I click any further I ask myself one question-- 

Will this change your life? 

Nine times out of ten, the answer is no. A resounding no. 

Does this mean that all social media is unnecessary? No. There is useful stuff out there. A post about a marriage issue you're struggling with. A link to a workout video that might be just the ticket to get you exercising again. A recipe on Pinterest that inspires you to make dinner for your family for the first time in a week. These things could potentially change your life, or at the very least your perspective.

But will another cat video do that? No. Where will your time be best spent? On the things that will change your life. At least for me, this has been a help... and a way to stop the madness.

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1 comment:

Dawn Paoletta said...

But the cat video, might provide some needed comedy relief. ;) Just sayin'. lol.