Monday, July 07, 2014

Intentional Mondays

Quote: "Writing a novel is actually searching for victims. As I write I keep looking for casualties. The stories uncover the casualties." John Irving (an interesting way to see it, from this article:

My One Word: AFFIRM This book is really affirming some things I need to see. To be clear, I've tried to avoid seeing them, but this book is holding up a mirror and forcing me to look into it. I bought it after reading this post, which was the first clue that I might need to do some soul-level digging. Ouch.

Listening To: My Blue Nile Pandora station, which means I'm writing. Though slowly. And with hesitation that what I'm writing is actually going to be anything. But each day I try to write a little something, adding to the story as the images come to me, when they come to me. I'm not forcing this one. I'm taking my time. I am not under contract for the first time in a very long time and it feels oddly nice. But also disconcerting. I like to plan, and to know what's coming, and to feel like I'm somehow in charge of my destiny. (See above about "My One Word")

Sharing Stories: My husband and I both are reading this book. Well, I should admit that Curt has finished the book while I've been a bit slower. The thing is 640 pages long. But it moves fast and Curt assures me it keeps you riveted to the very end. I love all the thoughts on writing scattered throughout the who-done-it mystery.

Randomness: There is nothing better than having all my chicks in the nest. I got to experience that for one fleeting evening this weekend. It never gets old.

In The Kitchen: Grilled pork chops and couscous and green beans, roasted broccoli and chicken served over jasmine rice, my first attempt at frying squash, courtesy of my squash-loving neighbor, served with shredded beef sandwiches and baked potatoes with all the fixings. And one night a breakfast casserole for dinner. Hoping to make a big batch of my mom's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this week as well. This post of ideas for quick and easy summer meals using rotisserie chicken was a good one-- I'm planning on making those Caesar wraps soon.

Plans: My youngest has art camp at her school this week, taught by our neighbor. She loves art so she's super excited to get to do it all week long. And I'm excited that she's going to be able to do things I wouldn't do because of the mess. Artsy I am not. Beyond that we will go to the pool some and I plan to run every day. We also have to get the 14yo and 12yo ready for camp next week. Have I mentioned that I love summer?

Loveliness: We had a lovely 4th, complete with a perfect day weather-wise. We enjoyed time at the pool with neighbors, followed by a potluck and fireworks, also at our pool. As I sat there surrounded by people we've done life with for now 14 years in this community, I felt very blessed.

Photo Of The Week:

It's not perfect. It's kinda small. It has a major imperfection, actually.
But it's the first tomato I ever grew. And I'm proud of it.
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