Monday, June 30, 2014

What I'm Into In June

(In lieu of my typical "Intentional Monday" post, I'm running a June wrap up post. It's kinda the same as the Monday posts, only... not.)

Even though it's officially summer, I was not officially on break in June. Not yet.

First we had to get through:

swim meets and swim banquet, including nightly practices and twice a week meets

I call this one "Swim Meet at Sunset"

the launch of my book-- have you gotten your copy yet? Please do!

which included a very small book tour to the coast of NC (tough job but someone's gotta do it)

and the end of the school year, including an 8th grade graduation

I also did a lot of lazing around on the porch, preferably reading but sometimes working

If you gotta work, you should at least have a nice view while you do it


This post about summer reading:  "I don’t know how to experience summer without the silent soundtrack of someone else’s words." Yes, exactly.

And since we're talking about Addie Zierman, I wrote a guest post on her blog in June about not being afraid of the gray (anymore). This was one of those pieces that just poured out of me in one fell swoop, my fingers typing as fast as they could to keep up with the whoosh of words.

These life hacks for parents are genius, I tell you. Do yourself a favor and read this post for some truly sneaky ways to tackle some nagging issues. Love the tooth fairy letter, the get along shirt, and the wifi password ideas.

This Pinterest board all about INFJ. When I was first "diagnosed" with this rare personality type, I was mortified. The results were proof of how weird I am. 1% of the population?? Really? But now I've learned to embrace it. Own my weirdness. This board affirms so much about me and the way I operate within the world.

This was a fun post about a group I'm a part of, and how we all have books coming out in the same summer. Proof that writing groups really do serve a purpose. Although if you asked us how we help each other, I'm certain none of us could tell you exactly. Except that we laugh a lot. And we can gripe to each other about the perils and pitfalls of publishing because no one understands like another writer. And that's got to count for something.

Loved this post from a published writer to her unpublished self. Some very true, very wise advice.

And speaking of writing, I thought this example of a one-sheet for proposing a novel was well done. Thinking of pitching your novel? Save this for future reference.

Hope June was kind to you. And here's to a restful, relaxing July!

What I'm Into
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Leigh Kramer said...

Lazing on the porch is the best! I'm an INFJ and plan on checking that Pinterest board out.