Friday, June 27, 2014

More About The Old Bridge

For any of you who have read THE BRIDGE TENDER and would like to learn more about the real bridge at the center of the novel, this video interview goes into some very cool detail and photos. If you're into history, or just curious to learn more about the real landmark my new novel is centered around, press play!

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Kelly Clemmons said...

Thank you for writing novels about Sunset Beach and our old bridge. As a year-round Island Resident, my heart still jumps at quarter til the top of the hour like an internal alarm clock reminding me I'll be "caught at the bridge" and I habitually keep reading material in my car just in case I am. I have countless memories of waiting for that old bridge with my children, turning morning rides to school into priceless moments I cherish. Keep writing from the heart Marybeth, you've got such a pure one!