Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Word of the Week Wednesday

  1. a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement
It's that time of year... summer boredom is probably starting to take root in your home. You might've heard the familiar refrain, "I'm bored," a time or two in your house by now. Those children who couldn't wait for school to be over might be like the Israelites, looking longingly back at Egypt, recalling that things weren't so bad there.

But what about mom? Can moms struggle with ennui? And I'm not talking about being busy. Being busy with mindless tasks-- running children from point A to point B, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.-- can take up our time, but does it take up our minds? I think you can be busy but still struggle with that "feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement."

It's that last part that is key.

It's that feeling of not being excited about what you're doing, not being engaged or passionate, your whole life caught up in a never-ending round of rote tasks with nothing to celebrate, nothing to be excited about. We all struggle with it from time to time.  Life has boring parts. There are seasons of stagnation. Sometimes there is simply no avoiding it. But there are things we can do to change the situation when we see ennui taking over.

Here are a few:

Get creative-- actually tackle one of those things you pinned on Pinterest

Get writing-- write about what you feel, let the truth find its way out of the end of your pen

Get outside-- taking a walk in the great outdoors can unexpectedly inspire you. Fill your lungs with fresh air. Notice God's infinite creativity, His attention to detail and beauty. Be inspired to do the same in your little corner of the world.

Get active-- exercise can release endorphins that re-activate your passion, your joie de vivre, your energy level.

Get in touch with your passion-- do one thing towards something that means something to you. Just one thing, no matter how small a step. Take the step.

Get back-- to whatever prompted you to choose the life you're leading. And if you don't feel like you chose this life, figure out what you can choose within it. And then do those things.

Don't let ennui win.



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