Friday, February 21, 2014


Ok this will be the last time I talk about our snowfall but considering the last time we had this much snow was a decade ago, an event this significant deserves to be documented, I say. So here are some pictures of what we were doing during our snowbound days.
Our dog Salem loved the snow. I particularly love this photo with a snowflake forever captured on her tongue.

As everyone knows-- even us snow-illiterate southerners-- there are certain things you must do in the snow. Snow angels come to mind.

Selfies in the snow. Even when mom is wearing a goofy old hat and no makeup.

Posing in picturesque spots in the neighborhood. This little stream was quite beautiful in the snow.

Is this going on your blog Mom?

The adults are cold, tired... and happy.

Daddy is always up for a snowball fight. Mommy? Not so much.  She prefers to just take pictures.

Another must? Building a snowman. We never did name ours but she went through several. How do you know she's a she? Her pink scarf, of course!

And you can't forget the snow cream, even if it does use up most of the milk you have left in the house. The good thing about being snowed in in the south? You know it won't last very long.

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Anonymous said...

We are experiencing our 5th snow day since January here in MN. The first four were more due to cold temps but today is definitely a snow day! We are hoping the snow is gone by Easter!