Wednesday, February 19, 2014


 I began last week in sunny, beautiful Isle Of Palms SC enjoying a writing retreat that afforded lots of time for quiet writing balanced with social time of eating and chatting with my cohorts. And the occasional foray into the real world for wine, chocolate, and changes of scenery. On Monday morning I was out on the beach in a light jacket, enjoying a pretty desolate stretch of beach.
This was my view from my perch where I wrote. Love the colorful chairs.

I snapped this as we enjoyed a glass of wine on the roof deck before dinner. The sky was too gorgeous and I just loved the patterns of the clouds.

Love the light and shadow in this shot.

See the light poking through the clouds? I call those "God rays." It was early morning and the beach was empty. So peaceful.

This was the path we walked to get to the beach. A long tunnel of trees and vegetation that spilled us out on the beach.

Loved this little guy just hanging out in the cold waves.
And then... I went home. And the next day-- the VERY next day-- the snow started. And plunged us into the rest of the week-- a contrast to the sunny beach where I started the week.

It was a week of contrasts, a time of appreciating the vastness of God's creation and ability. Of whispering "thank You" for the beach that is my heart's home to whispering "thank You" for the lovely snow falling. From warm sunny skies to snow clouds, from blue to white, from my feet sinking into wet sand to my feet disappearing into icy snow. Both were lovely. Both were breathtaking. It was a week of contrasts, and I loved both sides.
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