Friday, February 03, 2012

Praying One Word

This year I'm praying one word for my children. I got this idea from reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. I struggle with keeping up with long, complicated lists of things to pray for. Kind of like I said earlier this week that I like having one stack of papers in one place-- I like simple. If things get too convoluted I just don't do them-- even if I should, even if I want to. Praying is a good example. I admire you guys that have these fancy prayer journals with all kinds of lists and sub lists and post its and what all. Though I've started things of this nature, what I really do well with is just one thing.

Which is why the idea of selecting a word to pray for my kids for the year really really appealed to me. That I could do. And so, I thought about where each of my kids are and the needs I see in their lives, and picked a word. I also picked a word for my husband. Then I took an index card and wrote each person's name and the word and laid the card on my nightstand so I'd see it when I woke up and when I went to bed. That means that at least twice a day-- sometimes more-- I'm praying those words for these people I love. It's been the single most consistent prayer effort I've ever made. Why? Because it's simple. I can do simple.

I have decided not to share the words here, because they're private for the people they apply to and I want to protect that for my family. But if this idea appeals to you, I challenge you to start thinking about it-- and a word will come. Praying one word has been a great prayer exercise for me. I feel more committed than ever to praying for my family-- and I'm already seeing answers in response to my prayers-- which is the nicest part of all.
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BethA said...

I LOVE this idea, Marybeth! I'm with you -- I'm not a big list-maker or prayer journaler with sticky notes. Can't wait to pray and ponder what word to pray for my daughter and what word for my husband.

I'm really enjoying your new blog format. Hope you are, too.

Brenda said...

This definitely gives me something to think about. I've already thought of a word for my older son, but the rest will take a little more time.

Shelli said...

A great idea. I have one for me, but will definitely work on a word for each of my loved ones. Thanks!