Thursday, February 02, 2012

Schedule For A Typical Day

People often ask me what a typical day looks like for me. Which is kind of hard to answer because no day is typical-- but in a perfect world, I can tell you what a typical day should look like.

6:30 (am) Wake up. Make green tea and sip while having my quiet time.

7:00 Get kids up. Make lunches and make sure everyone stays on task, eats, and leaves the house with teeth brushed and shoes on.

7:30 Leave for school.

8:00 Arrive home. Eat breakfast. Do household chores-- laundry, dishes, tidy up, one big chore like cleaning a bathroom, mopping the floor, vaccuuming, etc. Start meal in crockpot if dinner plans require that.

9:00 Settle down and answer emails.

10:00 Write.

12:00 Lunch.

2:00 Get on the treadmill. Read a book while walking fast. Sweat.

2:45 Shower and dress

3:15 Get kids from school. Try to absorb shock of ALL THE NOISE that comes with them after quiet day at home.

4:00 Arrive home and supervise snacks and homework. Start dinner, watch children, make helpful suggestions about how to spend any free time. Talk to children about their day. Give directions about after school chores. (Usually I've made a list as things occur to me during the day.)

6:00 Dinner. Assign dinner cleanup chores. Listen to grumbling about child labor laws and the unfairness of it all. Tell them it will make them better wives/husbands and besides I cooked it so I don't have to clean it.

7:00 Baths and any unresolved homework issues.

8:00 Start the bedtime process.

9:00 Watch Cold Case or Law and Order or Castle if it's Monday night. Or read a book. Anything that doesn't require too many brain cells.

10:00 Fall asleep from sheer exhaustion.

As I said, hardly a single day goes by just like this-- but this is what I aim for. I think having something to aim for is good.
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Marianne said...

Yep, MaryBeth, it's great to stretch! Have a great day

Pam said...

I like to watch Castle, too!