Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thursday Thought: Jesus, My Father, The CIA And Me

Ever reviewed a book you didn't read?

That's what I am doing today.

The truth is I didn't read this book. But two people close to me did, and it's because of them that I am sharing this book with you. When I got the offer to review the book, I said yes, thinking that I would give it to my husband to read and then review it in time for Father's Day. But then, well, summer happened. I still don't know how we got from June to September but... we did.

And my grand plans for a Father's Day review never happened.

But in the midst of that my oldest son graduated from high school. And as I was writing in his card I felt that little nudge from God to give him that book-- the one I had intended to give my husband.

Now my son typically isn't the type to read a book I give him or take my advice at all. So I will be honest, I felt pretty silly giving him this book. I knew he would think it was stupid (though he'd be polite to my face) and he'd stick it in a corner and forget all about it. And the book would never get read and it would be just one more thing that didn't happen this summer the way I thought it would. I would be a reviewing failure.

But I know that nudge from God. And I have at least learned that-- even though I might not think it's the best idea-- it's best to do what He says. So I gave my son the book with his graduation card. (And his iPhone which he was, incidentally, way happy about.)

And that was the end of that.


He went to the beach with some family members and took that book with him. And that stinker read that book. Cover to cover. And it rocked him. It reached him. It changed him. He was amazed by it. He called me when he got home from the beach and told me all about how much that book had meant to him. And this is not a kid who gushes. About anything.

After he read it, my husband wanted to read it. So he read it. And then he gushed about it. He loved it. He talked to me about it. He said he totally understood why my son loved it so much. And he's not one to gush either. About anything.

And so that's my review-- I have not read Jesus, My Father, The CIA And Me. But two very important men in my life have. If you're looking for a book for the man in your life, and God is nudging you after reading this post, then I'd say it's a good idea to follow through on that. Then pray they read it and surprise you.

I am so glad I did.
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