Friday, September 09, 2011

Fiction Friday: In Defense of Determination

The other day as I was running, I was thinking about Chris Daughtry. Ok, so I was listening to Chris Daughtry, which is what got me thinking about him. Chris Daughtry has gone on after American Idol to be one of the most successful musicians ever launched from the show. (And my personal fave) And yet, he didn't win. In fact, he almost didn't even get pushed through by the judges in his initial audition. You can watch it here.

Simon told him no.

But Simon didn't know. He may have had experience. He may know a lot about the music business. He may have picked a lot of hit singers. But this time, he got it wrong.

These thoughts got me thinking about those of us who let that one "no" stop us. We let one person's opinion determine whether we're going to be a success or not. We don't become so determined that nothing-- and no one-- can stop us. We don't believe in ourselves enough to push past the people who have the power to hinder us. We stay stuck in this place when the possibility for success is there all the time.

And so I give you Allison's story of publication success. See what her first agent said. But don't stop reading there. Keep reading. Just like Chris didn't let Simon have the last word, Allison didn't let her first agent have the last word either.

One of you needed to read, and think about, this today. One of you is about to quit when success is waiting just around the corner. One of you is believing the words of someone who-- while they might know a lot about the business-- they don't know everything. They can get it wrong. You've got to believe in yourself enough to keep writing, keep submitting, and have a good dose of toddler-style determination, too. Whoever you are, I hope you do.
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Deborah said...

Marybeth, I read this Friday and thought to myself "This was meant for me today" but it was probably meant for a lot of other people too. Still, I thought about it all weekend and I came back to read it again. I was surprised to see no comments. And I can't let you think it wasn't a worthwhile post. I got the message. I will finish this book God is having me write. Thank you for your encouragement.