Monday, September 26, 2011

A New Blogging Schedule

One of the things I thought a lot about during my month off in July and my different schedule in August was what I wanted to do when I came back to posting on a regular schedule. I knew I wanted to make some changes as I get tired of the same old thing.

And so, here's what I am going to try-- a new schedule just to keep things from being the same old same old around here.

Mondays: Either Menu Plan Monday (with the occasional recipe thrown in for good measure) or a Simple Woman's Daybook entry. This will vary according to what I am in the mood to write. The past two weeks I've done one of each so you can go back and see what I am talking about if you missed them.

Tuesdays: Two For Tuesdays-- I will write about two things that are on my mind that are related in some way. This might mean verses, quotes, links to posts, authors I'm enjoying, recipes I've made lately... there will be no rhyme or reason to it, which I think will keep it fresh. I enjoyed doing the Top Ten Posts but felt I had exhausted that topic in the year I did it. Two is easier to come up with than ten.

Wednesdays: Will remain "Psalms For Moms" posts. This seems to be a popular post and I still have plenty of Psalms I haven't touched on yet.

Thursdays: Will remain the "Thursday Thought"-- I am going to try to keep Thursdays short and sweet, focusing on good quotes and things that will get you thinking, but not belaboring them.

Fridays: Will remain Fiction Friday. I could talk fiction every day of the week, so I am showing restraint in limiting it to just Fridays.

I hope you like this new schedule. I am excited about changing things up and will look forward to sharing with you in this new school year!
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Zibilee said...

I love these ideas, and look forward to seeing your new structure and your new posts! Thanks for the heads-up!

Anita said...

It all sounds good to me!! I'm trying to get more organized and when I'm not working, trying to write and plan posts out. I wish I read faster in order to review more books, but alas, it's not so :(.
Looking forward to your new schedule.

Rachel said...

Hi Marybeth,

Im new here and am already loving it! Thanks for your posts.. looking forward to reading more!