Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two For Tuesday: Blogging Tips

Here's a post for those of you who are bloggers-- or want to be.

This post is filled with ideas that will serve as a springboard to get you blogging-- especially if you've hit a slump and need some new ideas. Get out a piece of paper and make a list of posts you want to write, adding personal, specific details as they come to mind. Use this list whenever you sit down to write.

This post is by Michael Hyatt about how to write a blog post in 70 minutes. The tips he gives are good for any kind of writing-- whether a devotion, a blog post, an article, essay or book. I especially like the point about starting the night before. I do that but had never really thought about what I was doing.
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Jennifer Dougan said...

These two post links sound really helpful. Thanks, MaryBeth. I'll look into them.

A She Speaks 2011 graduate,
Jennifer Dougan