Monday, October 11, 2010

In A Food Mood

Last week I posted a top ten list about all the things I love about fall. In the list I inadvertantly revealed my serious love for all things pumpkin. Here's one of the things I love about blogging... you guys tell me stuff I didn't know and it helps me so much!

For instance, I didn't know there was such a thing as Jello Pumpkin Spice Pudding!!! To think I've been missing out on this all these years. Arlene shared this tip with me and said she makes Pumpkin Spice Pudding Pie. (She didn't tell me what this is but I am picturing Pumpkin Spice Pudding in a graham cracker crust with Cool Whip on top?? I know my kids would devour that!) She also said she makes Pumpkin Spice Cake with the pudding in the recipe. I told her I simply had to have that recipe.

Arlene was so sweet she actually posted it on her blog. So I decided to share the link with you all. It's a super easy recipe. This fall if you have to take a dessert somewhere, you'll know what to make! It would be perfect to take to a Fall Festival (cakewalk anyone?), a Halloween party, or to a Thanksgiving potluck.

If you have trouble finding the pumpkin pie pudding, just ask your grocery manager to order it for you. That's what I did and they had some for me in a matter of days! I won't tell you how many boxes I ordered... cause that would be embarrassing.

I shouldn't get so excited about pumpkin but I do people... I do.

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Allison Morrison said...

Yummmm...I love pumpkin also! It's one of the best things about fall! Love the cake over on Arlene's blog! I'm gonna look for the pudding at the grocery this week!

Amy O/picketfencemom said...

We love this pudding. Last year in January or February (I think), Wal-Mart had all their Jello Pumpkin Spice Pudding on clearance for 9 cents a box. I bought it we continued with the pumpkin for a couple of months more! LOL Yum!

Zibilee said...

Jello Pumpkin Spice Pudding? I am intrigued. This definitely is not stocked at my local grocery store, but now I am going to ask them to get it for me. Thanks, Marybeth!

Wander said...

I cannot help but giggle! I'm with you. Anything pumpkin makes my heart sing!
Yay to fall!

Arlene said...

Thanks for the props, Marybeth. Let me know when you bake that cake. I have a feeling you're gonna love it ;-).

There's a pie recipe right on the pudding box that's just what you mention, super simple. It's like having pumpkin pie but waaaay faster and easier! I also buy lots of this pudding, which makes my kids laugh! Enjoy!

The Calm of His Presence said...

I have a dessert fellowship coming up next week. I will definitely be taking this cake!

Susan said...

YUM! That's all I can say. I have never seen this pudding but you can bet I'll be asking for some! I LOVE fall-I go out of my way to stop at any coffee shop for pumpkin spice latte's. Yum!

Dawn Sodini said...

You might want to check out the recipe for apple/pumpkin pie! Delish!

Lauren said...

Hi Marybeth - I wondered if you have seen Philadelphia brand Pumpkin Spice cream cheese...I found it at our IGA store last week and it is very yummy!