Friday, October 08, 2010

Fiction Friday

This Friday I am not limiting my post just to fiction. This is for any writer-- fiction, non, memoir, article, etc.

I read the following articles this past week and they really inspired me. I thought that they would inspire you too!

Don't think you have time to write? Read this article!

Are you a mom who writes-- or wants to? Read this one!

Ready to find an agent? This published author offers tips on how to do that.

And finally-- a chance for you writer types to enter a contest!!
Check out author Lynne Bryant's monthly contest. This month's is on the theme "At Mama's Kitchen Table." To read her thoughts about the contest go here. To see her essay that inspired the contest, go here. Have a good story about your mother's kitchen table? This is a good opportunity to make yourself write something, give yourself a deadline, and know that your writing is going to be read! And you might just win-- you never know unless you try!
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1 comment:

Debra said...

Hi Marybeth,
I just read the article on a working moms guide to writing a novel. Very good article. Thank You.