Friday, September 03, 2010

Fiction Friday: How They Do It

For today's Fiction Friday post, I asked two of my favorite writing mamas to share how they work writing into the mix with children, housekeeping, marriage, errands, cooking, and even homeschooling. I am sharing two answers for you to read and learn from. I hope it helps inspire those of you who are writing in the midst of your own busy lives!

From Nicole O'Dell, mom of 6, including triplet toddlers!

As for writing time-- usually 6-8 am everyday is for blogging, preparing for the radio show, following up on interviews, etc. When the babies are up, I steal 15 mins here and there to reply to emails, make calls, etc. I see their awake time as time I need to give them and also any social obligations I have like returning calls. I hardly ever give up a nap minute to do anything other than work that demands attention like writing. They nap from 1-3:30 everyday and they go to bed by 7. I'd like to say that I write at night, but I'm usually too fried. I catch up on facebook, chat with friends, etc. Two days a week, my husband takes over completely from the time they wake up in the morning until they wake up from their nap--so that's 7 straight hours.

I'm not a write everyday kind of person--I wish I were. But I write when I have something that needs to get done by a deadline or if I have a plan to get it out. I don't typically bang out a word count otherwise. I work best under pressure and write as clean as possible.

That's about it. For me it just comes down to flexibility and fitting in what I can, when I can, and trusting God to make it work if it's in His will. I can totally tell when I'm doing something that's driven by me and not Him. It's a drudgery and doesn't come easily at all. It takes forever and sucks up my energy.

From Kimberly Cash Tate, homeschooling mom, novelist and Women of Faith speaker!

My best time to write has always been early morning, before the homeschooling day starts. I'd leave the laptop on the kitchen table and keep coming back to the story, but it's hard to get in the groove the rest of the day. I'm hoping I'll have more time to write with just one at home this year...and thankfully this is my self-motivated one. :)

Trusting God to give me time has been my issue for years. Can't imagine the day when it won't be. Oh how I'll relish it! :). Seasons, seasons...

Thanks to both these ladies for giving us this glimpse into how you do it. You both inspire me and now you've inspired others!!
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