Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday Thought

I read this quote in the Bible study I am doing called Live A Praying Life by Jennifer Kennedy Dean and wanted to share it with you:

At our first entrance into the school of waiting upon God, the heart is chiefly set upon the blessings which we wait for. God graciously uses our need and desire for help to educate us for something higher than we were thinking of. We were seeking gifts; He, the Giver, longs to give Himself and to satisfy the soul with His goodness. (Andrew Murray, Waiting On God)

How has the school of waiting led you to get more of God and to find satisfaction in His unique brand of goodness? A good question to ponder today...
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Cindy Earnhardt said...

Love your new blogging schedule. Seems to know where to touch me.

Debra said...

Hi Marybeth,
I am enjoying your new blogging schedule also. Especially Wednesday Psalms.
i have been waiting on God for several things and He keeps teaching me perseverance and endurance and patience. Keep on Keeping on.
Also I need to discipline myself with writing. Don't have a blog, schedule, or nothing. However my skills are being polished by becoming the minute keeper in our pastoral counsel meetings.The rookie writer I am...:)
Have a great day! Debra

Community Craft and Rummage Sale (CCRS) said...

thank you for sharing, that made my day :)


Edwina said...

I guess because I'm currently waiting on answers to a specific prayer, it feels like I've spent my life waiting! :) But if I listen while waiting, He teaches me what He wants me to learn. And that makes the wait worthwhile.

Thanks for a great post!