Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Psalms For Moms

The verse from Psalms for today is one I am committing to memory. I have set a new goal to not only document verses that speak to me in my journal, but also to write them down on index cards and memorize them. Every morning before or after my daily devotion, I pull out my index cards and review my memory verses. This one was one of the firsts that I memorized:

Psalm 25:4-5, "Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me and teach me, for You are God my Savior and my hope is in You all day long."

Two things stand out to me about that verse:

1. What mom doesn't need to make that her heart's cry? What mom hasn't thrown up a desperate prayer that sounds a lot like that? "Ummm help! I need to know which way to go!" The very act of motherhood is being in a place of constant newness and confusion. Just when you get one stage figured out, another one comes along to knock you off balance. This spring and summer I've been studying about praying scripture and this is a good one to pray.

2. That last line really gets to me. Is my hope in Him all day long? Oh sure, it might be just after I finish up my morning quiet time and I am infused with a fresh dose of hope and encouragement. But later-- when real life starts hitting-- I find my hope sagging. How can I keep that from happening? I want my hope to be in Him-- not in the weather, not in my kids' attitudes, not in the state of my marriage, not in my finances, not in my agenda. Just Him.

Which brings me back to memorizing this and other verses. I can quote these verses, get my attitude and perspective in check no matter where I am or what I am surrounded by. I need His guidance and I need His hope. This is a great Psalm for a mom. Can't wait to share more with you in the weeks to come!
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Debra said...

Lovely writing. One thing I brought back from She Speaks is to start praying scripture also. Thank You Marybeth.
Hugs, Debra

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog. But, I find this a great reminder to me as well. Thank you for writing this and I look forward to being a regular on your blog.



Anonymous said...

Marybeth, I Love reading your blogs, even though I don't comment (sorry) but I am today and hope you get this.. I LOVE your idea of the index cards and your verses, but may I ask some dumb questions?
1) How do you choose your vereses to learn?
2) Do you learn just one a week?
3) The vereses you learn (are those the ones your children learn with you?

My son is 7 and I try hard to read with him and learn vereses but sometimes time always seems to get away and there are some days we don't :(
He used to be in Awana's at church and learned a lot of vs. but that was 3 years ago (and needless to say, we have forgot a lot of them) :( Our church took a break from Awana's..

I did start this month with him doing a daily prayer request that you can print off from the Compassion web site and he even reminds to do it some nights:) Yay to him!!!!

There is so much I want him to learn and keep it close to his heart, espically in this world today and being in public schools. I ask that if you think about it, will you keep me in your prayers to be strong and continue to to try to teach him good! and to grow closer to our Jesus and that my son will continue to have his wonderful heart and know the difference b/w good and bad and want to grow closer too and for us to start memorizing vs!!!!

I am sorry to ramble, Thank you for listening,

Love Kim