Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

To kick off this new feature, I thought I'd write a top ten list of why I decided to do a top ten list every Tuesday.

1. It had a nice ring to it because Tuesdays and Top Ten all start with "T."

2. Lists are nice because they are fast to read. And who has a ton of time to read very wordy blogs? It's proven that our eyes scan over a lot of text anyway. The list should allow you to read more efficiently.

3. I can write on a variety of subjects using this one device. I am taking suggestions as to what you'd like to see here on this feature! Leave comments if you have ideas!

4. When I decided to create a blogging schedule, this was one of the first ideas I had. And it was one of the ones that stuck. Others did not. Be glad.

5. This will be fast for me to write. Ideally. With my new commitment to write every day using this new posting schedule, I need fast.

6. I can create something you can actually use and benefit from. I love to find links to great posts that I can share with you and I can do that using this feature. I hope to use this idea to round up some of the great stuff I am finding in my own internet searching.

7. Writing a list of ten things might be harder than I expected.

8. I promise not all the lists will be this lame.

9. I am a champion list maker, so this should work out well. It can only get better after this post.

10. “In all planing you make a list and you set priorities.” (Alan Lakein) I have made posting on here regularly a priority. So it makes sense that list-making would be part of that.

I am looking forward to Top Ten Tuesdays-- hope you are too!
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1 comment:

Dee said...

I know this probably doesn't go along with your Top Ten Tuesday, but if I were ranking great books that I've read over the summer...The Mailbox is in the Top Ten. I really enjoyed it. I couldn't put it down. I hope this means that you will be writing more books in the future. I pray that God will use your talent to His glory. Blessings to you!!!