Monday, March 01, 2010

The Weekend Report

Am playing catch up after a weekend of being gone but I did want to let you all know that I am home from a FAB-U-LOUS weekend with the women of Victor Baptist Church in lovely Hendersonville, NC. We laughed, we played, we shopped, we shared, and we got to know each other and God better. I loved these ladies and they will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart after our time together!! Ladies, if you are reading, please do keep in touch. I want to hear what God is doing in your lives.

Thanks to retreat coordinator Barbara and her team who worked so hard to make the weekend happen and to Crystal, who led worship and Sam, who ran sound. And those of you who took the time to share some part of your own stories and let me know how God showed up for you this weekend. If I started naming names, I would be worried I would miss someone. But just know I loved you all. Some of you-- you know who you are-- kept me up laughing long past my bedtime but the missed sleep was worth it for the unforgettable and hilarious stories you told! Yes, I think some of it might end up in a novel someday... be on the lookout. :)

All retreats are special but this one was unique in that I came in broken and empty, as I shared with the ladies on Sunday morning. Last week was hard. My marriage was hard. Our situation seemed harder than usual. I felt defeated and unqualified to lead a retreat. I wanted to stay home and sleep all weekend with the covers over my head, not walk in and share with a bunch of total strangers. So I went to some of my writing sisters who I knew would pray and begged them to pray me through. And they did. I literally felt their prayers holding me up and experienced the miracle of stepping out to speak and feeling God step in to fill me up. I left there different than I came-- lighter, more hopeful. And with lots of new sisters to share this journey with. Thanks ladies. You made my weekend beautiful and I will carry your beautiful faces in my heart.
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Mari said...

My marriage has been hard too...especially over this weekend. Isn't it wonderful to have praying friends to help you through.
You guys are going to be fine, as we are. God is taking us through this journey for something really big. Just wish we'd find out why now. ha.
Praying for you too.

Bonita said...

I'm sooooo glad! You needed that refreshment and God showed up right on time.

SUSAN said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Thank you for being real and showing us all that even as Christians we have struggles. I am amazed at what you do and I know that your strength comes from God. What a Blessed Savior He is!! I will be praying for you, your family, and your husbands job situation. I asked you to pray for my son, who will be leaving for Afganistan in a couple of months, his full name is Jonathan Paul Monte Jr. He loves the Lord and my prayer is that he will continue to seek Him and know that He is always by his side. Thank you again for an awesome weekend. I can't wait for your novel to come out... I am excited to read it. Have a wonderful week!

Your sister in Christ,
Susan Monte

Mom Can I? said...

Glad the weekend was a great one. thought about ya all weekend - much love to you!!!

Debra said...

Great to hear you experience God so richly. Also glad to hear you are more hopeful!

April said...

Thanks for such a fun and inspiring message this weekend. I know that I took a lot from it and am continuing on the journey God has planned for me. We have a small group that just started a new bible study this past Wed. called "Living Beyond Yourself" by Beth Moore and I was doing my study for the day and it totally continued everything you talked about this weekend and all I can think is WOW God is awesome! And I really enjoyed sitting up and chatting with you and laughing at Bekah (what a great night). I will continue to pray for you and your family!!

Bonnie said...

I'm always amazed at the people God puts in my path! He did it again! You were just what I needed this weekend. Sounds like we were just what you needed, too. See? Isn't He wonderful?!

Bekah said...

This weekend was such a wonderful experience and I left with a new perspective on life and how to live it.I came home and the first thing my husband and I did was commit our marriage to God and finally let Him be the center of it. He was so excited to see all the changes God made in my life!You are an amazing speaker and very approachable, which I appreciate. Like April said, our study on Beth Moore went right along with what you spoke about and was even more confirmation of what I should be doing in my life. Thanks for the laughs late into the was a great time! :) I will continue to pray for you and your family and I know God has many more wonderful things in store for you all!

Anna said...

This was an AMAZING weekend! I feel like I heard God speak to me for the first time, maybe I just finally shut up and listened! Thank you for being there and being real with us! I will continue to pray for your family and keep in touch!