Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frozen Answers

Anyone remember this post? And how I said that I had been praying for snow? Well on Tuesday I got my answer! Our area (which rarely sees much snow, and even more rarely sees enough to actually cover the ground) got about 2-3 inches. This was a big deal for us!

My daughter took this of the front of our house-- this was about 10:30 in the morning and the temps were already rising enough to start melting the snow. See the tracks in the front yard from my kids' attempts to sled? They were so excited!

Ready to brave the cold weather in hopes of some snow fun! We don't have to just read about it today, kids!

Playing with the neighbors.

And back inside for hot chocolate to thaw out cold toeses and noses.

And last but not least, a birthday to celebrate-- a snow day, an inauguration (which we totally ditched in favor of making snowballs while the snow fell), and a birthday all in one day. Happy birthday to my big nine year old girl!

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Sandra in Phx said...

My kids have been praying for snow for YEARS! But living in Phoenix makes that sort of not possible. Oh I mean, it IS possible but very, very unlikely!! Only two of my five children have actually been in the snow.

Laurie Ann said...

What fun! We actually had some snow in Mississippi before Christmas. It was lovely. Love the pics, and happy birthday to your nine year old!

Anonymous said...

Come to Iowa, we got 7.5" one day last week! We have plenty of snow!

Marybeth said...

Is this heaven?

No, it's Iowa.

Sorry I couldn't resist quoting a little Field of Dreams after that comment!

momishome2 said...

You got more than we did! I think we only got an inch on Tues. My kids were thrilled, too. I live in Concord, a northeast suburb of Charlotte.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have not read that book, but it looks good. I'll have to put it on my library list.

I have to say that I am a huge Proverbs 31 Ministries fan. I seem to be in the car listening to 91.9 frequently when the daily blurb is on. In addition, right now my Bible study group is going through one of Lisa's books and I am really enjoying it.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better on The Heart of the Matter Online - I just joined the writing crew there. Nice to "meet" you here!