Sunday, November 23, 2008

See Me, Mommy!

Last night when I arrived home from my day with my oldest daughter, my youngest daughter greeted me at the door, all smiles and light. I was busy putting away groceries and packages from our shopping trip, glancing at her, but not really focusing on her. After a few minutes of excited chattering, she ran up to my legs, hitting just at my knees. She banged her small hands on my legs and hollered, "See me, mommy! See me!"

I was looking without seeing. And I am ashamed to admit, this is not the only time it has happened. How many moments do I miss because I am sidetracked by busyness and trivialities, overlooking the most precious sights in the world, foolishly thinking they will be there later for me-- in that elusive place where time slows down long enough for me to see instead of glance, notice instead of neglect? But that time never comes.

So instead of waiting for someday, I want to spend this week-- this week of thankfulness and gratitude-- seeing. Stopping. Lingering. Calculating. Savoring. I want to see her like she needs to be seen. Hear her like she needs to be heard. Appreciating these many gifts for exactly what they are.
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Missy said...

I know exactly what you saying....I have four children. They want my undivided attention so much. So many times I give them only a small piece :( thank you for reminding me to just be and focus on my beautiful children.

amada said...

Hi Mary Beth,
My littlest boy who is just the SWEETEST thing ever, (everybody says so, therefore I know it's not just me! heheh). Anyway, today he came to me while I was on the computer (the absolute worst place to attempt to communicate with me) and this wasn't the first time he'd tried to talk to me just then. In a most calm, quiet and sweet voice, he said, "Mommy, will you please look at me?" I was immediately convicted of the EXACT thing that you wrote about :)

I think it's really funny, I am QUITE often thinking or doing the same thing that you're doing... funny. I actually bought the Glorious Coming as well! And LOVE IT!

I also have bad days ;)

So there, I just wanted to say hi :)

Trujillo, Peru

amada said...

oops... Marybeth... sorry :)

KarenW said...

I know how that is! Life can just pass right by when you are concerned about the less important matters that seem to take over your life like weeds.