Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Post Day 1: An Idea For Using The Christmas JOY Book

I received this idea from a reader and asked her permission to share it. I thought it was such a cool idea-- and it honestly never dawned on me to do what she has done-- but I am so glad she thought of it! Here is what she wrote:

"I wanted to thank you for your e-book A Recipe for Christmas Joy. What a different way to look at Christmas! The real way! Thanks for reminding me! I teach a bible study on Wednesday nights at my church and we just completed Lysa Terkeurst's book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. We are going to start back up in January with her other book What Happens When Women Walk in Faith.

With all that being said...we have 4 Wed. nights between now and Christmas and I have broken down your ebook and am wanting to do a study with it in 4 different sections. Just in case you're wondering, I'm not copying it off for the group. I'm just telling/sharing some of the info. that I've read and taken tons of notes on! I even called my friend (who sometimes helps me with bible study) and told her about it and made her purchase it! I'll let the group know where they can purchase the ebook from.

I read the Proverbs 31 devotions every day faithfully! Sometime ago I "accidentally" ran across the web site and have loved every minute of it! Everyday after reading the devotions I then click on the blog page to see what has to be said for the day. That is how I stumbled across your ebook! I printed it off and started reading it that very day! My husband and I were headed to a marriage retreat that same weekend so I was reading it on our 2 hr. drive to our destination. I was so excited and was sharing it with him (I really didn't think he was even listening to me). He then said...Amy you should do that in your Wed. night class. I said what a brilliant idea! Remember we were trying to fill 4 Wed.'s before Christmas. I didn't know exactly how we could make that work so I called Jodi and had her go to the website and order the book. She had it read before I got home from the retreat. I had shared with her about the Bible study and she thought it was a great idea! We got together and broke it down into 4 parts. We were both like little girls so excited for our new find!

Here is how we broke the book down in sections...

week 1) JOY: A Simple Recipe

week 2) Advent: Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

week 3) 25 Ways To Make The Holidays Holy Days

week 4) Last we will host a Peppermint Tea! (what a great idea!)

With the 1st week being on JOY I'm actually wanting to set up a "centerpiece" with a Santa in the center...after a little discussion then I will change out the centerpiece with a nativity scene water globe. Showing who should be center of our Christmas time. I'm going to hand out different parts of the centerpiece before class starts and have them help me assemble it then I'll share a little and then make the change." Amy, Fairview, OK

I think these are excellent ideas and I look forward to hearing what else Amy comes up with out of her creative mind! Maybe you have a group of friends or a class at church that needs something to do during the weeks between now and December. Be sure and let me know if you also do this, as I would love to hear what you do and include your ideas in future versions of the book-- the funny thing about an ebook is that it can constantly be changed and added to! I am excited to hear that the book is blessing women who are looking for inspiration and encouragement to focus on Jesus as they find JOY in their holiday celebration!

(Want to win a copy of this book? Go here to read a review at Heart of the Matter online and leave a comment for your chance at winning!)
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Shari Braendel said...

What a great idea! I sooo wish I had a hospitality bone in my body but I will say your book has helped me have at least a bone chip! Can't wait to see you on turkey day with dessert in hand! And hey, when do we report our children's romance to the blog world? Maybe I just did! hehe! Oh dear..romance is probably not the right word! Hmmm..."officially in a relationship" ? love you!

Amy said...

Thanks for that Marybeth! And ladies...I really do recommend this ebook! My Mom, Sister, and myself went shopping today and I have a whole different attitude while out and about! I see things in a whole new way! Blessings to everyone this Thanksgiving!