Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Post Day 2: Planning For Christmas

Well folks, it is undeniably time to start getting ready for Christmas. Did you notice the date on the calendar? One month and counting!! How will you plan for your holiday festivities? Do you have good books you pull out year after year? Favorite recipes? Websites or blogs you will visit? Do you need to call family members to find out what their plans are and synchronize your calendars? Holiday parties to plan? Christmas cards to order and that elusive "perfect" photo of your family to attempt to capture?

For me the planning, starts with the food. (Does this surprise you?) I have favorite Christmas cookbooks from Gooseberry Patch that I love to get out and make lists of goodies I want to try, or remember the tried and true favorites I make year after year. This year I have my eye on this magazine and might just have to pick it up next time I am at the grocery store. What is it about Christmas that makes me want to buy every available magazine on the subject? I will most likely make a run this weekend and pick up the December editions of Hallmark magazine, Southern Living, Victoria-- and anything else that strikes my fancy! At the end of the day, these feasts for the eyes await me on my nightstand.

Do you need some inspiration in the planning department? I thought I would provide a few links that I have enjoyed:

Planning a Christmas party? Check out this guide.

Here's a great free guide from Flylady: The Holiday Control Journal.

Want to host a cookie exchange? Check out this site.

This article about "Ten Things To Do Before The Holidays" had some good information.

This is a great site-- even if you don't have 12 weeks to plan for the holidays.

This was a great collection of good ideas for kids at Christmas.

If you are hosting Christmas dinner this year, you might want to check out this site.

And by far if you don't already know about it yet, check out Organized Christmas for a wealth of information!

Hope these links help to inspire you to plan for a wonderful Christmas!
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Sandra D said...

I have used Organized Christmas for the last several years and it has been a true blessing to me. Now, I am a list making kind of girl~I love me a good list:) so it is perfect for me. I suggest it to everyone I know!! Of course, they look at me like I have three heads when I send out a reminder to all of them in the middle of October that it is almost time to start planning! LOL

Thanks for all the other links, can't wait to check them all out!!

JottinMama said...

Thanks for the links! I'm gonna check'em out!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Kate :)

rural momma said...

I guess I'm lucky, our Christmas time is pretty low key. We only get presents for immediate family, which was agreed upon years ago as the whole family was growing. We always go to one of my sils for Christmas Eve and then church. On Christmas day, we stay home. It is such a relaxing time!! :0) We have a big breakfast, open gifts, and then play games. I'm sure as the kids get older and move, more craziness will ensue, but for now I'll take my quiet Christmas. :0)

Laurie Ann said...

Great resources! I have lots planned in my head that I need to get organized in my binder this weekend. I'm so thankful that we are off work Friday. This means I'll have time to do it then! Great post, Marybeth!

Donetta said...

Thank you for all the linky love. It was a wonderful study in ideas for the upcoming weeks.

Deb said...

Thanks so much for the links! The Ivy Joy one is wonderful! Since my kids are all older, I've gotten out of the loop with smaller fry. My neice will be glad that I have something for her to do too!
Have a very happy Thanksgiving!