Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Post Day 3: Keep The Kids Busy

This week on one of the days I had a lot to get done, we got this book (I checked it out from the library) and used a quick and easy recipe for making modeling clay. It didn't take any heat and we mixed it up in minutes. Best of all, we dug out some old cookie cutters and I let them dig into my utensil drawers and they played happily for a very long time. It felt good to have them doing something that wasn't electronic, as well as interacting with each other. During the next few busy weeks ahead of us, I would suggest trying some activities like this. Get some books like this one, or investigate your shelves, the internet, or your library for some craft books. Mark some simple things you want to try with your kids, then make sure you have all the supplies you will need in the house, so that doesn't become a deterrent. Make planning activities for your kids part of your holiday planning!

Don't have time for making clay? Here are some coloring pages you can print off for something quick to hand them. Let them work at the kitchen table on their coloring while you address cards or cook. Here are a few more just in case:

Coloring Book Fun

Ivy Joy's Christmas Coloring Pages

The Coloring Spot

Get them busy making gifts! Check out this simple video on fingerknitting. I think I am going to let my two older girls try this-- it would be fun to make some scarves! (I must admit that I have heard this mentioned in other blogs, but never knew what it was til now!)

This is a great link to spend some time at-- it features crafts, recipes and traditions submitted by various bloggers all gathered in one place! I plan to spend some time here with my list in hand! (Don't let that it's by homeschoolers deter you if you don't homeschool. There is some great information there.) Scroll down to get to the links.
I listed this link the other day-- but it pertains to today's post, so I am listing it again.

The trick is to keep them busy without a lot of fuss or mess-- and away from hours and hours in front of the tv or computer... which is so tempting on those long, cold, boring days!
Please share your tried and true tips for doing so by leaving a comment!
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