Sunday, November 23, 2008

Menu Plans and Other Plans

In Memory Of My Crockpot
Farewell My Faithful, Slow Cooking Friend
You will be remembered for your years of faithful service.

This week my plans look boring because we are staying home every day, except for errands we need to run. But they are far from boring because I have so much to get done between now and Thursday--- I will stay busy at home!
Here are my goals for this week:
  • Pick up the next Explode The Code for my son, who finally finished Book 1. Also get Wordly Wise for my 3rd grader.
  • Plan school for the month of December (we are taking this week off)

  • Finally go to the cleaners to pick up clothes that have been there for weeks.

  • Mail off an ebook that someone ordered but doesn't have email.

  • Buy a new crockpot.
  • Send out all the letters I need to send for people to sign off their permission to use their stories in our book.
  • Work on the Bible study for the speaker book I am currently pulling together.

  • Ironing

  • Make my Christmas planning notebook (more on this later)
  • Go shopping for Thanksgiving groceries
  • Clean and prepare my house for guests

  • Cook for Thanksgiving-- my mom and I are splitting the meal, so it shouldn't be too hard! I think this is the recipe I am going to use to make our turkey breast this year-- I am just thankful I am not cooking a big ole bird like I have in years past! Most likely, I will cook two of them just to make sure we have leftovers!

Here is our menu plan for this week:

Sunday) Daddy is bringing home Wendy's hamburgers (and a salad for me!)

Monday) Pasta Fagioli soup (never made it last week), cornbread

Tuesday) Taco Platter (seasoned meat, cheese, taco sauce, lettuce, tortilla chips all set out to assemble however you like)

Wednesday) Chicken and Pasta (marinated chicken strips sauteed then tossed with bottled pasta sauce, then served over penne pasta), salad

Thursday) Thanksgiving dinner!

Friday) leftovers

Saturday) Eggs, Hashbrowns, Bacon, Blueberry Muffins

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Sandra D said...

That sounds like A LOT of work! What a blessing you will be for your family:) It reminds me that I need to finish my meal plan for the week!

cceeyore said...

Are you going to get one of those new crockpots that has the locking lid and programmable timers on it? If so, I would love to know how you like it!!!! The next crockpot we buy will more than likely be one of those, but I want to know how you like it first!

Elizabeth said...

Stopped by from Menu Plan Monday- Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Nancy said...

We had pasta fagioli soup last week (link below). Love it. Sounds like you've got a busy week. Enjoy the holiday.