Saturday, November 15, 2008

Plans For The Week

I am going to try to make a weekly habit of combining my plans for the week with my menu plan for the week here on the blog. Last week it didn't happen-- mostly because I was seriously lacking creativity in the menu planning department and had nothing inspiring to share! This week I at least made a menu plan-- don't know how creative it is, but it's better than last week's for sure!

Sunday) church, lunch out, grocery shopping, a trip to Michael's
Dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches and soup

Monday) school with the kids, haircut for me and 3yo, orthodontist appointment after school for 12yo
Dinner: loaded baked potato soup, cornbread, cooked apples

Tuesday) do school and crafts at home, take a meal to my friend Dawn
Dinner: roasted chicken w/rosemary and lime, baked sweet potatoes, corn, rosemary bread

Wednesday) Monday's Artists class, small group meeting in the evening
Dinner: barbecue chicken, couscous, peas

Thursday) CBS with luncheon time
Dinner: Ribs in the Crockpot, baked beans, french fries

Friday) school in the morning, field trip to alpaca farm with kids in the afternoon (praying for good weather for that since we will be outdoors!)
Dinner: Pasta Fagiola, rolls

Saturday) possible trip to the Southern Christmas Show
Dinner: sloppy joes, lima beans, fruit

I have listed out a few crafts I want to try to make between now and Thanksgiving. (For the list of books we will be reading, scroll down to my post on Thanksgiving plans.) I hit the jackpot with this site and found all the crafts we are going to do in one place. I plan to make the Thanksgiving corn craft, the leaf turkeys, and the pinecone turkeys. I would also like to get each of my kids' handprints and make a handprint turkey, too. Tonight my daughter and I will cut feathers for the "Gratitude Turkey" I linked to in my Thanksgiving plans post. I want to get started on this so we can add to it before the day gets here. I will try to take photos of what we have made and blog about it.

My goals for the week are slightly less ambitious than last week, as we will not be home as much so there will be less time for projects at home. I hope to get some writing done, as always. I still want to work on my visual journal (didn't ever happen last week) and get my Christmas notebook (more about that later) started. I have several good books sitting on my nightstand that I will close out my days with. On a sleepy Sunday afternoon like this one, that sounds especially inviting!
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Bonita said...

Hey, MBT, Annika and I will be at the Southern Christmas show with our girls on Saturday afternoon. I'm taking Annika there as a birthday present. Hope to run into you!