Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Great Lapbook Link

I have had several of you write me privately, wondering what a lapbook is. Well, this link is a great explanation not just of what it is, but how to make one, step by step. I plan to bookmark this and come back to it again and again. Her gallery of mini-book folds is a priceless resource to refer to!
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Kelly said...

Even though I don't have kids, the lapbook idea looks fun...I have two granddaughters 10 and 12 and I was thinking next time they are over for the weekend we could try to make a fun one about fashion or animals or something! It would be a fun thing for us all to do!
Also I wanted to say, check out my blog for a knitted scarf giveaway I am doing!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your lapbooking!