Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Turkey For Turkey Day

When the kids are bored next week, print this out and put them to work. It would make a cute centerpiece for the kids' table-- and if you print out the version that they can color themselves, it should keep them quite busy. That leaves more time for you to do all that baking and cooking and cleaning you have to do, right?
Going on a long car trip? Put them to work with a nice set of sharp new crayons or a fresh pack of markers and just maybe you will have some quiet in the backseat... but I'm not making any promises!

Here are some printable coloring pages I found on another blog. I think we will print some of these off to color next week when boredom sets in!
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1 comment:

Cris said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing, I just printed the first one out!