Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Best We Can Do... An Update

Some of you might remember a few posts ago, I asked you all to pray for Stacey, who had discovered mold in her home and, as a result, had to leave everything behind and live in a camper. Because they were renting the home, they were getting no insurance help.

She had written to tell me that a devotion I had written about HOME had helped her perspective during this trying time. I know that many of you prayed for her-- and I wanted to share what she recently wrote to me as a follow-up, just as yet another example of prayer being the best we can do. All glory, as Stacey wanted me to be sure to focus on, belongs to God for bringing resolution to this situation. Won't you join me in continuing to pray for a quick clean up so that this family could have the comforts of home restored by (or before) Christmas!

I just want to thank you for asking your readers to pray for us. I can not desribe the way it feels to know I was physically being carried by wings of those prayers. It is undescribeable. Thank you!We received good news this morning. A mold specialist was out here this morning. He will have a crew out here Monday at 9:30 taking out the walls and floors that have been affected by the mold. The A/C cleaning people will be here Tuesday and we can clean a majority of our furniture with a borax solution and it will be ok. We'll have to dispose of the mattresses, some furniture and particle board material, but we will at least be able to get in the house! We will be able to get back in the house on Tuesday! They will plastic off the kitchen and we will have to continue to cook over the open fire pit outside, the Coleman Stove and the toaster oven. I'm cooking my turkey over a fire pit this year....I realized I had allowed satan to steal my joy...shame on me! The contractor will start work on Monday a week. We should have a fully functioning kitchen by Christmas (as long as the insurance company doesn't delay sending us a check for the contractor!).Again, thank you for your prayers.
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