Monday, September 22, 2008


Thanks to all of you who visit after reading the devotion today! I hope you enjoy your visit and I am certainly grateful you took the time to stop by. Today I am opening up the floor to learn from you all. I want to hear your thoughts and advice!

My question to you, based on today's devotion, is as busy women, how do you remain in God's presence? Please share your ideas-- especially creative ways you have found to not just enter into His presence amidst all the noise and distractions of life, but to remain in His presence.

I can't wait to hear what you all have to say! I know we can all learn from each other. I will try to pop back by later today to share some ideas of my own-- I can't wait to glean from you wise ladies. Fun!

ETA: Jottin Mama left a comment and reminded me of the line in this song that says, "Just to know that you are near is enough." We sang this song in church yesterday and it is one of my favorites! God of Heaven come down, indeed. Thanks for reminding me how applicable this song is to what we are talking about today, Jottin Mama! And keep those comments coming!
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Ruth in Iowa said...

One way I remain in God's presence all day is asking Him for one specfic truth for me that day as I read His word. Then I write it down on an index card and take it to work with me and post it where I can see it and meditate on it as much as possible.

JottinMama said...

Thanks for the devotional! I loved the scene I saw in my mind as I read, "We have felt the warmth of His embrace and we want more time in His lap." I love that!

A few things that help me stay in God's presence:

1) Running outside (with no ipod)
2) Christian song lyrics like the Song of Hope from the Robbie Seay Band: "Just to know that you are near is enough. God of heaven come down, heaven come down!"
3) Psalm 16:11
4) Psalm 23:6
5) And one of my favorites, Psalm 27:8:

My heart has heard you say, "Come and talk with me." And my heart responds, "Lord, I am coming."

Anonymous said...

After I wake up it's so easy for me to get started in my busy day. I have this to do and that to do but I remind myself if I start my day with the Lord it will go much smoother (or at least I'll be able to handle what the day gives me much better). It's amazing what peace I have with spending 20 minutes with God instead of rushing about without my time with Him!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the devotion and thank you jottinmama for the verses. I really needed that this morning as I am going to have an ultrasound this morning and I am really scared. Not of the ultrasound itself but the results. Please pray for me for the faith I need to have to know that He is here and will never leave me. Thank you, chris

Lisa said...

I'm reading along for ideas, becasue I feel like I've been failing miserably at remaining in God's presence, and I'm feeling that in a big way. It seems like all the miscellanea of life gets in the way of my best intentions, and I get away from God, and I get worried and fretful, and it's just downhill from there.

Chris, I hope your ultrasound goes well this morning and that the results are good. You'll be in my prayers.

Sheena said...

Hi i am sheena and i am from way down south asia....from Malaysia.

I jus love waking up early in the morn and spending those quiet moments with the Lord, praying and speaking and listening to him.I have to consciously set time apart for this cos if i don, usually other things get in the way and rob me of my time with God.
Believe it or not, if i don get to spend time with God early in the morn,my day usually ends up being difficult.
I also think that we should pray unceasingly even though we are busy.For example driving to and fro from school i will pray for my students(i am a teacher).His presence remains with us as long as we are walking together with Him.
Worship is another very imporant key in ushering God presence.Not just worshiping God with our lips but also with our lives....
These are my ideas. Hope to hear from the rest..

CharityChapin said...

I am struggling with staying in the presence of the Lord! To often I run to do my own things, I know He is still there because He has led me back to Him! But I need help in STAYING in His presence!! I know I am safe and happy when in His presence, I'm not sure why I leave His side! Ladies, please advise me! Where do I begin? How do I continue?

Laurie Ann said...

Awesome devotion, Marybeth! We loved it. (A group of friends and I get the devotions every morning and chat about them.)

My answer to your question: I work outside the home, so remaining in God's presence can be challenging as I am pulled so many ways during the day. I love to email God. When I have a few minutes, I love to draft an email to God in prayer. Also, when I get up from my desk, whether I'm going downstairs to a meeting or even just to break, I invite God to be with me and help me be a blessing to others. I take Him with me when I leave my desk, IOW.

Vanessa from Florida said...

Thanks so much for the devotional. It is so practical to every christian. I like to keep my mind on Christ through out the day by praying simple prayers through out the day. For example, when I go outside and see the gardens and sky I thank Him and take a moment to stand in awe of his creation.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things I do is do a devotional in the morning. I try to get up before my kids. But if they get up before I get to do it, I am able to do it while they eat. I am currently doing a Beth Moore devotional, 90 days with Jesus. It has short questions, short chunk of scripture, and a little bit of her reflections. that way if i get distracted by the kids, i can get back to it, still get something out of it without drastically losing my place.

At night i try to end the day with a bit of scripture, and journaling. sometimes popping around to my blog friend's sites, i find prayer requests and such that help me get a good focus before i go to sleep.
Hope that helps someone!
God bless,

Lisa F. said...

The big problem for me is waking up early in the morning to have quiet time. I'm am not a morning person by any means and getting up earlier than I have to is my biggest struggle. Any suggestions?

Karen said...

Marybeth,thank you for your insights. You are a blessing!

Give each day to the Lord. Do everything as if you are doing it for Him.

SRB IN TN said...

One of our teaching pastors challenged us to spend time with God in every aspect of our day (showering, driving, cooking, eating, walking into the store, etc). It was very interesting as I became aware of the difference it made in my day and I love the conversations I have with my Savior. Even the things that I think are silly and trivial, He loves being a part of.

Luann said...

Loved your devo! But then I always do!

"Open the eyes of my heart Lord!" is my prayer when I roll out of bed. There was a time when I was NOT a morning person. But when I started having children while continuing to work many years ago, I realized mornings were my only quiet spot in the day.

Scripture tells us 8 times in the New Testament to "make every effort". This means that we have to do what takes effort even when we don't FEEL like it. We women are all about FEELINGS, but I have yet to find that in the bible.

Now, I LOVE my morning time with Jesus! He floods my soul with His truth and gives me that encouraging whisper in my heart that says, "We're going to face this day together, my friend."

Then throughout the day I just talk to Jesus like he is my best friend. I tell him the good, bad and ugly things that are going on.

When someone says, "Will you pray for me?" I say, "Let's pray now," and we do.

The more I plug in, the more energized I FEEL, and that is just a perk that he gives me for being obedient.

Sorry MaryBeth! I'll hush now. ;0)

CharityChapin said...

For those of who are not a morning person and struggle to take time for the Lord, What scriptures or studies would you recommend for a beginner?

Rebecca said...

There's an analogy of a tree/nature used a couple of times in the Bible, I know for sure in Jeremiah. When we are fellowshipping with God, staying in His presence, centering ourselves in His word then we flourish and grow, like a tree next to a river. But when we are away from God, we wither and dry up, like a tree cut off from water. Its a beautiful analogy, and Jeremiah (I really hope its him! I can't remember right now!) writes it much more beautifully than I.

I struggle to stay in God's presence and I feel myself drying up. I can feel myself withering and cracking along the edges--losing my patience more, having a sharp tongue, being prideful. So I too am longing to learn how to stay with Him all the time.

I don't have a lot of advice or creative ideas. I have noticed a difference in my life when I am able to center my every thought on Him, like a constant dialogue with God throughout the day. You never feel alone that way, that's for sure! And I do often remind myself that our Bible heroes often struggled with this same thing and that comforts me. God was faithful to them so He will be faithful to me, even as I fail.

Sorry to be so chatty! I always get carried away!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marybeth and our heavenly Father. Your title catches my eyes - Please Don't Leave!
I was thinking whether I should quit my job tomorrow, but I feel that God tells me not to leave. I ask for your prayer that God will grant me more strength to endure the job responsibilities. Thanks.
p.s. I love your website, it is very colorful and nice.

Cherish said...

Good evening amazing women of God.
I am writing to you from London, UK.
In order for me to remain in the presence of the Lord I try like most of you to have devotional time early mornings becuase it is the only time I get to focus on the Lord and I am more alert during the mornings. For the ladies who are having a difficult time waking up early morning to spend time with the Lord I can only suggest a few practical things like waking up a half hour before your usual waking time and washing your face with cold water or having a cup of coffee if that will help. By sparing sometime in the morning it is a way of showing the Lord that He is first in your life and it is worth the sacrifice.
Secondly you could meditate on the word or a verse that caught your attention in the morning and implement it in your prayer. Talk to the Lord in your heart as you walk down the streets. If you see someone hurting pray for them and shift the focus from yourself. It often helps me.

I do hope this has helped some of you ladies and i pray the Lord strengthen you and myself in this area. In the name of Jesus,

THE_Queen said...

I can not honestly say that I stay in GOD's presence everyday, but I do try. The way I try is I have daily devotionals that I read and online bible study. Somedays its the first thing I do and others I get around to it. Although, I am not where I need to be in my spiritual walk and am making moves forward, by insuring that GOD has a place in my daily schedule. Now I need to just start spending more TIME with him, instead of my quick 10 -20 minute readings and prayers. I am a work in progress!!!

Marcy said...

As a mom to 8 I know it's nearly impossible to have quiet let alone time. more than 4 years ago I began a radio ministry for exactly this topic. This has made me constantly use my mind in search of ideas and ways to relate my daily activities to the Word of God. I gradually am becoming more aware of how intricately God is working in the lives of people. Taking a scripture verse and pondering on it during the day/night, listening to songs with scripture embedded in them, praying and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the Word to me--- have all been ways to spend "Time Out"

Anonymous said...

My pastor suggested 6 months ago that we have Everyday Worship! 20 min. every morning and evening, before the Lord, at a scheduled time and place. I made a commitment to do this and now I am so glad that I did! I don't know how I would have made it thru the past 6 months without God's constant presence. It will be difficult to alter that schedule as I re-enter the work force next week but I do not want to 'leave' Him! God is So Faithful!

falconr551 said...

I am so greatful for Prov 31 ministry and how it has blessed my life. Todays devo spoke directly to my heart.
I was hooked at the title..."Please Don't Leave"...just as I have been contemplating leaving my marriage. I have been married 22 yrs., am 60 yrs old, my husband 75 so we are not kids, but we have some deep issues with long roots, the lastest being that my 38yr old daughter revealed her homosexuality to me which adds to an already full plate. She has a 14 yr old son, so my heart needless to say is very heavy. No support for my husband, only condemnation.
I have been walking with the Lord for 27yrs,and this has shaken me to the foundation, like the twin towers my world came tumbling down.
It has taken every ounce of faith to go on and reading these blogs gives me such hope. Keep up the good work, todays devo was a Word in due season.

ruthie said...

i also want to spend that time with God i just went back to work as a T.A at my boys school they are both in second grade adopted from Guatamala this is a big change for us and i need the Lord's help in balancing my time with Him and home and work i like to spend that time in the morning because i so much need His guidance throughout the whole day any suggestions for moms working and running a home

Victoria said...

Praise God for this devotional today. I needed the reminder that He is always there waiting for me, but I need to come to Him for all I need. God bless you all.

Celticgal68 said...

Whether I am listening to the radio or a cd or my iPod, God uses the songs he inspires people to write to speak to me. So many times He has answered a prayer or given me just the right word at just the right time, through Christian songs. Plus, there is a song for just about every situation there is.
My friends and family are not surprised anymore at how often I say things like "that reminds me of this song" or "there's a song that says... that helps in this situation."

Anonymous said...

One way I have found to stay in the prescence of the Lord is to use Car line at school as a time to read devotions, or just be silent and feel the fall breeze through the car window and be silent to be able to hear God speak or as prayer time.