Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Fall, Y'all!

In honor of the first day of fall--okay, so I'm a day late-- I wanted to post my fall-ish decorations. My mom totally helped me put all this together, running to the store for those little extra touches we needed and helping me arrange things just so. She did a beautiful job!

The fireplace and mantle

A centerpiece for the kitchen table

Cornucopia #1: the coffee table version

Cornucopia #2: The dining room table version

A little fall towel my mother in law brought over.

A little corner of my kitchen-- a fall cookbook on display
and an Autumn Leaves candle burning.
Ahhhhh. I love fall. Today is a blustery day,
the first truly cool day we have had.
Fall is here and we are enjoying it!
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Carol said...

This reminds me I need to get mine out!

Debra said...

Thanks for posting your pictures. I need to get my stuff out also.
Thanks for posting yesterday the wonderful devotion and the menu planning.

Arlene said...

Your fireplace is gorgeous! I've started some autumn decorating also, but here in South Florida it's 88 degrees so it doesn't feel like fall yet. Hopefully it'll start to cool off in October, though the past few years the temps have stayed high until November. Oh well, it's better than shoveling snow! God bless. Arlene

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cozy.

Bonita said...

Your fall decorations are so homey and beautiful, though I must say they are a reminder of how much you have your act together and how much I do not! LOL!

Jerralea said...

I love your decorations! Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate. It's slightly cooler here in the midwest. I can't wait for the truly "fall" weather!

Laurie Ann said...

Beautiful! I can almost smell the scents of pumpkin spice and apples...Thanks for sharing!

JottinMama said...

Is that a Gooseberry Patch cookbook I see in that picture? Don't you just love those!?!

And by the way, thanks for popping over and leaving a comment on my blog about the Song of Hope lyrics :) It totally made my day :)

Happy Autumn!