Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disney, The Final Chapter... Or Is It?

Sunday morning came too early! I confessed to the girls there that I considered briefly playing the "my foot hurts" card and staying in bed. But I dragged myself out of bed, reasoning that I can sleep later. I only had a few precious hours to be at Disney with my new friends. Breakfast was at the buffet in the hotel at 7:30, complete with characters. We saw Minnie and Chip and Goofy, though I was in such a daze that I didn't even get any pictures with them! I haven't been that tired since the 2.5 yo was a newborn. But then that wasn't a fun tired-- this was, at least, a fun tired.

After breakfast, we headed to the bus for a last little tour. This time we toured the family suites at the All Star Music hotel. The suites were very nice-- they sleep a family of six with two bathrooms and a decent-sized kitchen. Gotta like that! The rates are definitely cheaper than paying for two rooms. And as one person pointed out, you really just need a place to sleep, as you are hardly ever there! After the tour was over, it was over.

Just like that.

We got off the bus and said our goodbyes, everyone heading off to pack and catch a shuttle or spend the last few hours exploring, etc. We had park passes that we could use, but I was tired of walking. I knew that more park hopping was just not for me. I found out that Kris and Tracey were going to be hanging by the pool, so I joined them. We had a fun time just talking, sharing stories from our weekend, laughing about the fun we had had, and whiling away our last moments away from real life. Soon Kris and Tracey had to leave and I was left alone for about an hour before I had to catch my shuttle. I sat in the sun and read a very good book, which I will be reviewing here soon. Then I caught the shuttle to the airport. Happy to be headed home, yet sad that the whirlwind was over-- trying to process it all was almost impossible.

I rode the shuttle with Mia and Lori. We had a good time together and I was grateful for a few extra minutes to visit with both these ladies. Then before I knew it, my flight was boarding and I was heading for home. Curt and three of the kids picked me up, and I was so glad to see their faces and hear their sweet voices. In a way I felt like I had been gone a week! Curt knew just what to have waiting for me in the car when I got in-- a large sweet tea from McAllisters! (Chick fil a was closed.) If you have been reading this blog for long, you know that sweet tea is my love language. Flowers? Forget about it! Bring me the sweet tea! And considering that I had not had any all weekend, I was so ready for that! Florida, apparently, has decided not to be a southern state and doesn't offer sweet tea. The nerve!

I got home and collapsed (after unpacking of course). The kids all asked a bajillion questions and of course I patiently answered every one because that's just the kind of mother I am. Mostly I just counted the hours til we could all go to bed for the night. I wondered if 7:30 was acceptable? I fell asleep counting my blessings, a sea of new faces and sweet memories springing to mind as I mentally reviewed my amazing weekend. I might have plotted how I could get my husband to part with the money it would cost to take us all back there. Mostly I thanked God for allowing little ole me such a huge blessing.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Did you hear I missed my Magical Express to the airport, but would have been riding alone? I snuck on the next one and was able to ride with Darcie & Kris! : )


cooper said...


I LOVED meeting you and spending time with you. I do miss the gang! I am so glad to know you. I hope we do a reunion!

big hug,


Elisa said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip, foot and all! God's little blessings come in all shapes and sizes, even with Mickey ears. Glad you has such a wonderful time and met so many great gals!

See you soon...


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

LOL about being tired. It was a busy busy weekend, and both of my feet work.

I think that one thing that I cannot say good things about is Disney coffee. If it had been better, I would have been more excited about our early breakfasts.

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

Goodness. What fun. We live about an hour or so away from WDW and use to be regular fixtures. No. 3 child is rather high maintenance, so we're hoping to return this Fall.

And I honeymooned at the All Star Music. Heavy sigh as I launch into a rendition of "Memories."

HEY, I'll be seeing you at She Speaks. I'm sitting in on your seminar. I can't wait.

a moment of time said...

just wondering how you earned this magical trip??? I want to put my name in the hat for next year!!! Ü Do share.