Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disney Day Two, Part Two

So, we headed downstairs after a brief time to catch our breath and wash the theme park off our skin. Everyone looked so pretty! We were ready for a party! Michelle, our wonderful host for the weekend, came inside looking so excited and told us that she had our surprise outside. We rounded the corner and there, waiting for us, was three white stretch limos! There was even a little guy popping the cork on champagne and filling glasses! We all screamed and it was just a great, great moment. We got in acting like teenagers going to the prom (minus all the guy/girl drama but with all the squeals of glee). We took tons of pictures and just laughed and laughed. The ride to our dinner location was far too quick. I think we could have ridden all over Orlando drinking champagne and been fine with that.

We reached the California Grill for our dinner. Wow. Awaiting us was a beautiful rooftop dining experience. The view extended far enough to see much of Disney and take in the beautiful sunset. We took more photos out there, then headed inside for trays of sushi and conversation. Our guests that night were two chefs from Disney. One of which was the executive chef of Epcot. She ended up sitting beside me and we just had a great conversation. She has led a fascinating life. But at the heart of all of it was just the fact that we are both moms. I enjoyed meeting her.

Right in the middle of the most glorious molten chocolate cake, we were informed that we had to GO if we were going to make it to La Nouba in time. We shoveled a few bites in and back to the limo we flew. We made it to La Nouba just in time and settled into our seats.

I have to admit here that I had heard that we were probably going to be seeing it. And I was hoping that wasn't true. Because I don't consider myself a Cirque de Soleil kind of person. But boy, was I wrong! I absolutely loved it. I have even told my husband that I would like to go back when we return to Orlando this summer. It was so good and fascinating to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was sorry when it was over. After the show, we got to stay and talk to two of the performers (the singer and the ballerina if you have seen it). We had fun hearing from them about their struggles to balance motherhood and the demanding performance schedule. By the time we climbed back in the limo to return to the hotel, it was 11:30. We were exhausted but so, so happy. Our only full day was over and we fell asleep knowing that very quickly our adventure would draw to a close.
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Charlene Kidd said...

Thank you for sharing all the fun. I almost (!!!) feel like I was there with you. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.
Welcome home,

Joni said...

LOVING your trip reports and trying hard not to covet! ;)

mamatwoboys said...

I was lucky enough to talk my hubby into seeing La Nouba last summer. It was an amazing show, that singer is AWE INSPIRING! It was by far the best money we have spent at Disney. So glad you were coerced into enjoying the adventure.

dcrmom said...

GREAT recaps, Marybeth. I almost felt like I was back there, for a minute. :-)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Saturday night was probably my favorite of all! And I loved Cirque. Am totally going when it comes to Chicago again!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Yep, I'm a Cirque convert as well. Hook, line and sinker.