Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Revenge Of The Carpet People

I am pretty slim on the deep thoughts. I apologize. This can happen when your house is torn up from the carpet people. The carpet people and I have an odd relationship right now. I love them because they are the final frontier to the sign going in the yard. They bringeth carpet from afar, and all that. But I am having serious angry thoughts toward them because they are moving at a snails' pace. And my house is disaster. Disaster, I tell you. Everything from upstairs is downstairs. There is stuff everywhere. It looks like a stuff explosion. I took pictures, but it didn't even do it justice. Have I mentioned that I don't operate very well in disorganization and chaos?

(And please, please don't write me comments about how God must want to grow my character through this or how I should be grateful for the means to buy new carpet and all that good stuff that on one level I so know is true. For now, I need only nice comments offering to bring me gifts or affirming me in other ways. Deal?)

Obviously, I am too distracted and overwrought to write posts that make any kind of sense.

It's been a long, long day. A day that involved noise and staples and finding carpet nails in places that make NO SENSE AT ALL and banging and crying-- much crying-- and just, well, chaos. Chaos describes it all best. And there is more to come tomorrow. There wasn't supposed to be. The carpet people told me it would be one day. Has anyone seen Money Pit, when they ask how long it's going to take and they all say, "Two weeks." By the end of the movie everyone is laughing at that because they know two weeks means nothing. It is just something to say. Yeah, my one day is their two weeks. I am seriously wondering if they will finish tomorrow. It surely doesn't seem like it from where I am sitting. Not one room is finished. Not one room. A day of work and not one room.

I wonder how many times I could say, "Not one room?"

Did I mention that my house is torn up?

And I know that I am being whiny and spoiled and that there are much bigger things in life than having your house tee-totally torn apart for a few days' time. I know that. On one level. But on a day-to-day, I-can't-believe-I-have-to-do-this level, all rational thought just flies out the window. Bye bye! Bye bye rational thought! Nope, I am not into thinking about those less fortunate than me. Am not into doses of reality or healthy doses of perspective. I just want to whine, and wallow in my misfortune. And throw mental daggers at the perfectly nice carpet people. Who are just trying to do their jobs.

I am thinking it will just be best for me to return after the carpet people are gone and my house is back in working order. I consider it a public service to spare you from any further unpleasantness.
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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

:( I feel for you. Can you pack up and go to a hotel that will bring you breakfast in bed??

tiggerdaisy said...

I love your perspective. I really do. You make me laugh on most days, but today you just gave me a reality check on how life just "gets us" sometimes...with small amounts of laughing, especially about rational thoughts flying out the window. Did you by chance just picture that one as you wrote it? Too funny! :)

Amy Wyatt said...

Praying that things are back to normal soon! If it makes you feel better... I can't even see my carpet for the dirty laundry piled up. After being out of town two weekends... I can't get caught up. I hope they finish soon!

Cayce's crazy life said...

I feel for you. My kitchen is torn up. I am cooking on a campstove hooked up to a propane can. My dacor convection oven/micro sits on my counter instead of my beautiful new cabinets. I have been promised "soon" more times than I care to think about. The worse part is I am sleeping with the general contractor. He's my husband.
"In every circumstance, be content" - try saying that 100 times fast!

Laura said...

Actually you are cracking me up. I would feel the same way. :-)

Bonita said...

Marybeth, you write so well! Thanks for the laughs and I know you'll be yourself again when the carpet saga is over. In the mean time, this was a fun post to read.

Wrinkled Shirt Ministries said...

I needed a good laugh and a fresh perspective this morning. Now going to my little aerobics class and returning to my carpeted but not so clean house doesn't seem so bad. You go ahead and wallow all around that pity party. All of us bloggy girls are here for you.

Valerie said...

I totally feel for you. I'd suggest spending the day in your backyard, but the snowflakes I just saw flying around would make that even more uncomfortable than the chaos inside. Maybe laying carpet is one of those things that can go from "nowhere near looking done" to "Voila!" in a matter of a couple of hours. Well, we can pray anyway :-)

Kelly said...

We bought our house in 1990. Our kitchen has a cute little nook that my husband said he wanted to build a table and bench seats that open so you can store things inside for the nook. It is now 2008. He cut the wood last summer for the tables and the benches. They are laying against the wall in the nook. In the meantime, the nook has been used for the dog's food and water bowls. I think maybe in another 18 years we will have table and benches in the nook...which of course could have all been bought years before! :-)
Hang in there!

Carol said...

Oh nothing sets me off any more than disorganization, so I know how you feel. I hope all is back in order soon!!

Charlene Kidd said...

I finally had a minute to catch up on everyone's blogs. Oh, my!! I did not realize you had all this going on. Did you decide to remodel or did your house sell? Was the Holly you referred to by any chance our leaders assistant? I think I must be in a bubble out here in the country!! Or maybe Zoe's fall affected me!!
I hope you can return to some sense of normal soon (although I know that is still chaotic to the rest of the world.

Christine said...

Oh, poor you! I feel the same way about chaos and disorder. At the end of the day when the clutter is put away I feel like I can breathe again. Hope your "one day" doesn't become too long!!!

vanng said...

Oh Marybeth...I can feel your pain. We began a remodeling project in July...just a small project. We tore down our carport and added on a garage with a bonus room and a laundry room. I want you to know that they told me it would take three months...they just finished!!!! SEVEN MONTHS, I tell you...Seven months! During this time, I also replaced all the carpet in my house, which was torn up right before Thanksgiving and didn't get finished until about a week after Thanksgiving!!! Oh, how I can feel your pain. All I can say is one day it will be better and the memory will be a blur. Hang tight and I'll be praying for you and your sanity!