Monday, February 25, 2008


This is what I am spending my time learning about these days. There is more info on the internet on this subject than you can shake a stick at! If you are interested in learning more about what lapbooks are and how to implement them into your homeschool experience, here are some excellent links to get you started!

You can also search "lapbooks" on YouTube and find several informative short videos on how to make the different folds. Also, googling the word "lapbooks" will get you more links than a busy mom has time to get to-- ask me how I know!

You can also go to and click on the "lapbooks" button in the sidebar to find several unique products Tammy Duby has developed and has for sale if you, like me, like to hold a book in your hand.

Have fun researching this useful and creative way to make learning fun!
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Rona said...

Dina Zikes also has a GREAT book called something like Book of Books that shows you how to fold paper in like 10 million different ways to make all kinds of books, booklets, pamphlets, etc.... Ive always wanted to try this, but just never did. Even owned the book until this past summer.

Celly B said...

I just heard of lapbooks about a month ago, and I'm intrigued! Thanks for the great links. I would never have thought of looking on YouTube for videos of lapbooking!

Jenny said...

I love the idea of lapbooking, too! I am still a little overwhelmed by it. I need to look at the links you wrote about. I think it is such a great way to solidify learning.