Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Thoughts

I read this post today after finding a link to it on one of the blogs I read regularly. As I read her words, I recognized not only myself, but many moms I know. While I can't claim to put as much thought into manufacturers and food origins as she does, I can say that I do fall victim to the thought processes and comparison games she talks about finding herself falling into. Her honesty made me think-- and thinking/pondering is good for me. Especially when it helps to pull back the camera and take a wider look at our life, our home, and my motives. Do I do what I do solely for the sake of my children and husband, or am I really just trying in my own way to keep up with some myth I have bought into-- that perfection is possible if I just strive hard enough and long enough?

And so, that is where my thoughts are this Monday morning... along with thoughts of medication dosages and whether we need doctor appointments and whether I need more Ibuprofen and Tylenol or if just the Ibuprofen is enough... Yep, the flu/virus thing that is hitting like crazy has struck our house. So far, Curt has had it, 11 yo has had it, and currently the oldest and youngest have it. Am waiting on the other three and dosing them with serious doses of Emergen-C in the meantime... and doing the same for myself!
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