Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Devotion Today

I have a P31 devotion running today over at Crosswalk, and on the P31 Devotion blog (see sidebar for link). I just wanted to say welcome to all who find their way here through that link, and to encourage those of you who don't subscribe to these free daily devotions to head over and subscribe! And don't forget to check out the recently released collection of the best of the best devotions-- the new book, God's Purpose For Every Woman. (These make great gifts!)

The devotion today is about recognizing that only One could bridge the gap between us and God, and how we can respond to that sacrifice with our lives. I hope it speaks to you. I reread it this morning, and it spoke to me! Very often I go back and read these devotions and have NO memory of writing them. I ask myself where those words came from, knowing they were not from me-- silly, ditzy, scatterbrained, no-divinity-degree me. And so, I appreciate them as exactly what they are-- God using an imperfect, riddled-with-doubts-and-insecurities woman to speak His Truth to those He loves. I hope you find Truth to hang onto today.
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Carol ~ i throw like a girl said...

Excellent devotion today, Marybeth. Great reminder that God has a plan for each of us! Have a great day. ~Carol

Diana said...

I've been reading P31 for about a year. That devotional was exciting to read today. God works in our lives in ways we don't understand, including my own, as I discovered when my daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and I found it was a gift and I help others now. A great song reflecting this is theme of God's throughout time is "Let It Be Done Unto Me" (Chris Muglia).

God Bless!

Cheri said...

It just goes to show, if you are obedient to what the Lord asks, there is no telling where He will lead you!


Celly B said...

Thanks for your devotion today; it was inspiring! It is awesome to think about God having a purpose for me before I was even created. However, I also get frustrated because while the patriarchs you listed were obedient to God in varying degrees of confidence, they all seemed to clearly hear His voice and have no question about what God wanted them to do, regardless of whether they wanted to do it or not.
I think that God is calling me to a speaker/writer ministry, but I have a hard time figuring out if that is more my desire or His. One concern I have is of balancing ministry with two preschoolers. How old were your children when you began to write? Do you have any tips on making sure to keep family as first priority?