Friday, February 22, 2008

Banana Bread

If it seems like I make banana bread a lot, I do. So you are correct if you think that. I make it several times a month because it is quick and easy to do, my kids love it and it is a nice snack and a quick breakfast on busy mornings. All in all, worth the small effort it takes to prepare it. And I used to think it was foolproof. I truly thought you could not mess up my recipe.

Well, it turns out I was wrong about the "foolproof" part. Last night, I decided to make two loaves of banana bread with chocolate chips. After dinner I whipped up a double batch while fending off the two year old and five year old "helpers" who were determined to stir the batter. Between the requests for help with homework, the incessant requests for various other things, and the little hands that constantly tried to "help," I was not totally paying attention to what I was doing. But I figured it didn't matter because it was hard to mess up this recipe.

Just as I put the two loaves in the oven to bake, I realized I left out the salt. Oh well, I figured, it would still taste good. Well then I sort of got busy and forgot to get the bread out of the oven at the time it was supposed to be done. So it got really done. Not burned, mind you, but really done. As in, there is a hard crust around the outside-- too hard to cut with a regular kitchen knife. As for what leaving out the salt did, I can't really tell. And did I mention that I did not have quite enough butter, so I made do with about 3 Tbsp. less than it called for? All in all, it is still edible. But it is not near as moist as it usually is and somehow just doesn't taste like it should.

I decided not to reveal to my children what I had done. I went ahead and put it out on the counter to see what they would do. One by one, they came in the kitchen and started eating while I watched for their reactions. No one said a word. One by one, they all came back for seconds. By the end of the morning, one loaf was gone and another one was half eaten.

Which proves my theory that children will eat just about anything if there are chocolate chips involved!
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Someone Being Me said...

Chocolate chips do make everything better. Would you be willing to share the recipe?

MrsProverbs31 said...

I love banana bread too, but have never made it with chocolate chips.

I have to disagree with you on your theory that children eat just about anything you put in front of them if there's chocolate chips in them because mine don't. They are picky, picky, picky. In fact, two of my children don't eat chocolate, period. They don't even eat banana bread. But, maybe it's just my children. Who knows!

The great thing is that you enjoy baking them. I bake them once in a blue moon. Well, maybe not that long. I love reading about it, though.

Alyce said...

Hey Marybeth,
I love banana bread. I have tried making it a few times, and every time it turns out wrong... I am a cook, and I don't always follow recipes, usually in baking I do, but these I follow to a T, they always cook on the outside and look done, but the inside is ALWAYS a mush...never done, I have to keep cooking it till it looks almost burnt on the outside.
Do you mind sharing your recipe???

MaryLu said...

I've done similar things too. They just don't seem to notice sometimes, do they? Especially if there are chocolate chips involved!

lori said...

Hey there! WELCOME to HOTM....I came over to meet you!
It's great to have you on board...
I LAUGHED outloud at the letter to the 'BOSS'....motherhood emancipation.....loved it!!!

I can't wait to read more!
nice to meetcha!

E Lohroff said...

LOL I thought this was going to be an object lesson on being the salt and light and if there's no salt there's no flavor :-)

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Actually chocolate chips happen to be my weakness of choice right now. Unfortunately, I have discovered the large TUB of chocolate chip cookie dough at Sams Club. Now I am trying to decide how I like it better, baked or straight out of the tub! Both ways taste good but neither is a good thing...


tiggerdaisy said...


You may want to divide your batter up and make two loaves instead of one...or if you are making two, divide it up and make three instead. That should solve your hard outer crust and mushy inside! :)

Lex said...

Count me as another fan begging for the recipe. I have yet to find a good one, but have tried and failed several times.