Thursday, January 03, 2008

Telling on Myself

I enjoyed listening to this this morning on my Ipod. Loudly. After the kids went to school (driven by their daddy, bless him) and before the baby woke up. But after my quiet time, lest you think I have completely lost my religion. Ü

You see, I had to do something to psyche myself into this day. Because, remember my post about yesterday, and how I hoped things were going to get better?? Apparently, no. I forgot that the guy is coming to rip out our master bath. And then we will be down to one bathroom for about 6 days. Which means 8 people, one bathroom.

In hindsight, yesterday should have been a good day.

But we are not going to dwell on that. No, no, no. We are going to think about songs that make me happy. (This is also known as living in denial.) So I decided to see if the video was on YouTube. Lo and behold, it was! And so, I will confess that, like the commenter on YouTube said, I wore out the cassette (remember those?) single of this song. Worse, I had my hair cut like her. And, showing my true colors, I still think it's a cute haircut. (Is there something wrong with that?) I also had an outfit very similar to what she is wearing, and was that thin.

Things change.
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Charlene Kidd said...

I can relate to yesterdays and todays entries. I had a great laugh, at your expense on the puppy story and the screaming kids!! I have to say that my house was much the same as yours. My husband drove the kids in today as well. I just love these great guys we have!!
I will pray for your sanity during the remodel.

Dandelion Momma-Janis said...

I loved that song, too. Sometimes we just need to hear a good song that takes us back to those quieter days, don't we? My favorite to listen to is "Love Shack." It gets me in a better mood from the first note. Here is hoping you have a better day! School doesn't start back here until the 8th, so I know where you are coming from. Blessings to you!

MrsProverbs31 said...

Someone once told me that when we are challenged at first, peace usually follows closely behind. Psalm 28:8. Just found that this morning during my devotion. Hopefully that resonates with you. God bless you.

Laura said...

I am cracking up. My life is there - out of control! Only instead of a puppy, we have a demented 2 year old lab who has decided she does not want to sleep in her kennel anymore. So she scratches. And head butts the door. For over an hour. Until we finally put her outside in the 17 degree weather to freeze. At 12:30 a.m.!

And let's just say my 7 year old was in trouble 3 times between dinner and bed. Big time!

Hopefully this will make you feel better. Our family of 6 lived in an OLD family farmhouse built in 1893 for almost 2 years. There was only one bathroom. It's doable, but a pain! But only one bathroom to clean!!
Here's praying for a better day!!

Anonymous said...

I will be anxious to hear if Thursday was a better day than Wednesday. Remember your transparancy is part of your ministry (I believe anyway)so do not apologize for it. I believe we moms receive strength when we know we are not alone in our trials. It must just help to know we are not alone! We have been living in a house that is under construction for 5 years, you can do it just keep reciting Phil. 4:13!

tiggerdaisy said...

I really think that hairstyle is coming back due to "bangs" being EVERYWHERE nowadays! :) We all used to be something or another, but alas things do change. I've enjoyed reading your blog! You have become a must read for me everyday! Thanks for being real in every way!

Valarie said...

GIRL!!! You have absolutely no idea how much I needed to get up and dance around this morning! (I guess I should've listened to something a bit more spiritual but it sure was fun going back to "the day"!!) Thanks for reminding me how fun it is to just boogie!! Pop over to my blog and you'll see why I needed it sooooooo bad!! Love ya girl.

Renee Swope said...

Okay, I have NEVER heard that song before. Where was I in the 80s? And that haircut is lookin' really cute. I am thinking you need to try that look!

Miss you!

PS. Need to scrapbook sometime soon. How are you doin' on your books?

Amy Carroll said...

I just wrote this week about the angst of writing about your angst on your blog. I love your honesty, and it's my goal to be honest on my blog, too. At least those folks looking for the perfect speaker will know ahead of time not to pick me! Good luck with the bathroom project!!