Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So Far This Year, Not So Good

I have had a bad day today. The kind of day that helped me put an end to all my super sappy, Christmas lovey dovey feelings about spending time with my children and how much family time means to me. Today was about celebrating-- really rejoicing-- that tomorrow they are going back to school. I am serious. I can't even put into words how awful, awful, awful they were. There was much screaming and running about in shoes that sounded like they were made of lead. There was much tattling. There was much whining and complaining if they were asked to do anything. There was much arguing and did I say screaming?
Oh the noise! Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise!

Tonight I attempted to have a short phone conversation and the 2yo tried to pick the puppy up by his skin. Not under his little puppy legs but literally by his skin. He was yelping and carrying on so loudly that my friend on the phone started asking, "What is going on over there?" I said I had to go, because really, obviously, it is just asking too much to let the mama talk on the phone to another adult. Right? And so I hung up with her rather abruptly-- so much so that as I type this I am questioning if I even said goodbye-- and loved on the poor tortured puppy and lectured the 2yo about how if you handle a puppy too roughly you will make him mean and we won't be able to keep him because he will be mean and he will start biting people. I think most all of my rather eloquent lecture was lost on her. Most of all she just wanted to say sorry to the puppy and give him a hug. And try to pick him up again.

After dinner was over, I escaped to the grocery store. Several children asked if they could go. To which I said, "NO!" I didn't even try to say it nicely. My husband asked sweetly, as only a person who was not with these children all day could do, "Don't you want to wait until after the kids are in bed and we can go together?" To which I said, "NO!" I wanted to go alone. Blissfully alone. I wanted to find some angry song on the radio and crank it up and sing it embarrassingly loud. And I did. And I got everything I wanted at the grocery store. I even stocked up on 4 containers of eggnog coffee creamer. Because they were on sale, and because I can't bear to start my morning without that little treat just yet.

Tonight as I was going back to my room to turn in early and end this terrible, horrible, no good very bad day, I stepped in a puddle of puppy pee. With socks on. And that, my friends, was the icing on the cake of my day.

Here's hoping for a better one tomorrow!
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dawn massey said...

girlfriend ~ i am feeling your pain, totally. had a very similar day to yours w/ 3 "spoiled" children who acted "rotten"

hope tomorrow is a better one. we will make it through.

counting down the days until saturday and then again monday!!

Anonymous said...

We have all been there. Some friends and I were at Disney and we saw a couple on their honeymoon. I wanted to shout -- don't do it! Don't have kids! Because, you know at Disney all kids are so well behaved...


Valerie said...

I think the stress of the holidays, too much sugar, too many presents, too much vacation, and not enough sleep finally caught up with my kids as well as yours today. But just think. Today is done, and we won't have to do it again. Of course, there are no guarantees for what tomorrow will be like, but please Lord, let it be better than today!

Jenny said...

I can totally relate! My 2 year old decided to not take a nap today. The entire afternoon seemed like one big tantrum. It's tiring isn't it? Tomorrow will be better. I'm praying for a restful, peaceful night for you.

Org Junkie said...

I'm praying tomorrow is a better day for you!

Hang in there,

Rebecca said...

Oh yeah. Those days have been had. Sadly for me~I HAVE no escape! These miles of country solitutude that I love so much most days turns into a prison cell for me on days like the one you had.

Two really bad days CAN NOT happen in a row. It goes against the laws of science. So-you WILL have a better day tomorrow (!

Billie said...

I read your blog all of the time and rarely know just enjoy lurking in the shadows. However, I just had to respond to his post.
Not that I revel in your bad day, but it was a blessing to me to read about it. (You are probably wondering by now, who is this kook?) I have a pedestal problem. I put people that I don't know on a pedestal. It's easy to do in blog world where everything seems so perfect. Anyway, I love big families and have a complete respect for homeschoolers.
There are so many days when I feel like you do today. I only have 3 kids, but are adopting number 4. Sometimes I am bombarded with messages that I am not the right mom for a large family. And my goodness...don't even think about homeschooling! So, it is refreshing to know that even a homeschooling (prior) mom of 7 has days where she really would just not be a mom. Thanks for your makes what you are doing all the more a ministry.
In him,
ps. here is an idea for an ebook: how to manage a large family...I am fascinated by it and if I ever get that "large" someday I would love to write one on just that subject.

LAUREN at Faith Fuel- said...

Referring to billie's interest in learning how to "manage" a large family, I'm not sure you ever really manage one- but you do bear with one! :)
I grew up in a home with five kids, a dog, two parents, and all the joy and gnashing of teeth that goes with it.
I can honestly say that I look back now and am thankful for the very "interesting" childhood God gave me.
Just like the "interesting day" you had, Marybeth.
It does make for good material for a book!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

something must have been in the air! We had a day like that too this past week.

Amy said...

That is what makes it ok for them to go back to school. They have to get on your nerves so you can send them out the door!!! Put the evening down in the "glad they are in non-home school school"! I couldn't get mine out the door fast enough! Matter of fact, i literally couldn't, so I left 15 minutes before them and left Hubby to deal with them!

Christine said...

Oh, am I so glad to read this...not for your experiences but for the normalcy of them. Better days ahead!

MaryLu said...

Oh, my--a day just like my own. Yet, my children do not return to school for another 3 days, and Daddy just left on TDY for a month and a half!
Oh, make it stop!

NYC said...

There are times when I have had 31 days straight of these kind of days :)